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Watching Fitness Commercials Makes You Eat Less

A recent study at the Cornell Food and Brand Lab in Ithaca, NY has shown that watching fitness-related TV commercials causes viewers to exhibit healthier choices.

People who watched commercials for fitness or athletic gear consumed 22 percent less calories at lunch than the people who were exposed to ads unrelated to health. The results of this study left me feeling a little uneasy. If athletic ads could have such an impact, so could fast food ads.

Protect your sub-conscious and benefit from its amazing capabilities. Remind yourself that you are strong and willful and that you make your own lifestyle choices. Surround yourself with positive reminders to eat less and exercise. (more…)

Prevent Holiday Weight Gain & Avoid Mindless Eating

international food council logoDietsInReview.com had an opportunity to take part in a webcast organized by the International Food Information Council Foundation and hosted Brian Wansink Ph.D, Director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab and bestselling author of the eye-opening book, Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More than We Think.

In 2024, the International Food Information Council Foundation conducted the fourth annual, Food & Health Survey, a analysis of Americans’ attitudes towards food, nutrition and health. Before Dr. Wansink presented us his sage advice for how to navigate our way through the food-filled holidays, he discussed a few of his key findings from the 2024 survey. Below are the most salient highlights: (more…)