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Best Sports Bras for Busty Girls [VIDEO]

For busty women, the gym can be almost as much of a hazard as it can be a benefit. Just as your daily bra is an important piece of equipment in your wardrobe, wearing the right sports bra is absolutely necessary to protect your breasts from the impact they take during a workout.

“Sports bras provide the exerciser with support and cut down on movement during jarring exercise, which can not only cause discomfort, but in some cases, tissue damage,” says Kelly Turner, DietsInReview.com fitness contributor.

If you’ve ever watched a chesty girl run at the park, or even caught an episode of Biggest Loser, you’ll painfully groan as you watch their breasts fly to and fro. We decided this had to be stopped. Watch the video to hear more about who we chose and why, or continue reading.