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PINK Method’s Cynthia Pasquella Shares Tips for Jump Starting Weight Loss

PINK Method CreatorIn a live chat earlier today, P.I.N.K. Method creator Cynthia Pasquella shared some tips about jump starting a weight loss plan. Some of her main points included super foods, metabolic imagery, food journaling and finding a support network.

To help jump-start your weight loss, Cynthia discussed four super foods that will help you to feel great while starting a weight loss plan. These foods are beets, broccoli, hemp (either seeds or oil) and artichokes, many of which are featured in our 2021 super foods list. All these plants are great sources of fiber, which she says is important for cleansing and can cut down on calories absorption. Cynthia herself is a vegan, so it’s no surprise that her super foods are all plants.

Cynthia admits that one of the most unusual aspects of the P.I.N.K. Method is “thinking yourself thin” with “metabolic imagery.”  She described one study where participants who used guided imagery to imagine their bodies burning calories were more successful at losing weight. Plus, it’s a very relaxing practice.

Next, Cynthia discussed how keeping a food journal makes you twice as likely to achieve your weight loss goals. “Keeping a journal will keep you accountable,” she says. She always tells her clients to find a journal that they find appealing to use, maybe even one you think is pretty.

She also addressed how to say motivated, emphasizing the importance of having a community of supportive women. Purchasing the PINK Method will also give you access to the PINK Method VIP website, which is also a great place to turn to when they have questions or are struggling to stay accountable.


Why Cynthia Pasquella’s P.I.N.K. Method is Exclusively for Women

What is the P.I.N.K. Method? That’s the question on everyone’s mind since its debut this week on the Dr. Phil show. Just in time to fight the post-Thanksgiving bulge and New Year’s resolutions, Cynthia Pasquella released the lifestyle program she’s been working on for the past five years. We spoke with her yesterday, just a day after P.I.N.K.’s big announcement, and she sounded energized by the explosion in interest. “It’s super exciting for us,” she said, and added that they’re absolutely enjoying the whirlwind. She even noted it’s been a bit of an emotional roller coaster.

Pasquella explained to us that the P.I.N.K. Method was “designed by women for women to produce rapid weight loss without giving up health benefits. P.I.N.K. is a fusion diet blending workouts with food.” It’s a three-phase plan that gradually introduces your body to better nutrition and sustainable workouts. For the nutrition side, Pasquella explained that the custom meal plan you gain access to upon membership takes away all the guesswork, giving you a daily meal plan (known as the Blueprint) for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks. She also told us “There’s a reason for every single food” that was included in the P.I.N.K. Method, as she explained that the food was researched to find those that specifically spike metabolism, boost energy, and burn fat.

For the workouts, there are three phases, each led by a different member of the P.I.N.K. Method training team – Jenna Phillips, Lisa Christie and Basheerah Ahmad. Each of these women focus on a different area of training, whether it be laying the groundwork to help start your fitness regimen or building strength and endurance for the long term. Pasquella explained as an example that in Phase 1, you might do an intense 20-minute workout that starts building the major muscle groups. Then, in Phase 2, you’ll move on to exercises that require more strength and use more intense cardio. (more…)