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Frozen Yogurt vs Ice Cream: Which is Healthier?

Unlike most summer dessert eaters, I crave frozen treats all year-round and simply can’t get enough of their sweet, creamy texture. But because I indulge so frequently – at least once a week – I try and keep my choices healthier by avoiding full-fat ice creams and keeping the toppings on my ‘froyo’ tower to a reasonable minimum.

Nutritionally speaking, frozen yogurt is perceivably healthier than ice cream because it typically contains live active cultures, and is often available in low- or no-fat and reduced-sugar varieties. Ice cream, on the other hand, is typically laden with fat and rarely comes in low-sugar flavors. Let’s keep track of the points, shall we?

Frozen yogurt: 1: Ice cream: 0.

In terms of quality, most ice cream and frozen yogurt shops have equally high standards when it comes to their ingredients. Ben & Jerry’s, for instance, is well known by now for its die-hard commitment to only the highest quality ingredients, and even tries to source local ingredients when possible. Now that’s a sweet deal: One point for each. (more…)

Burger King Introduces Bacon Sundae as Part of Summer Menu

This summer, Burger King is giving the term ‘baconator’ a whole new meaning. It’s taking this savory, smoked treat and adding to an ice cream sundae. You heard right: bacon and ice cream in one dish.

We reported earlier that Burger King was testing out their bacon sundae at a few select locations in Nashville, Tennessee. And apparently after seeing a fair amount of success, the fast food giant announced this week that it will be debuting the unlikely dessert at stores nationwide starting Thursday, June 14.

The sundae won’t be showing up alone; it’s bringing several meaty friends along with it. As part of a special summer menu, Burger King is also introducing a handful of chicken, pork and beef sandwiches as limited-time offers. (more…)

Courtney Crozier Says You Don’t Need the Biggest Loser Ranch to Lose Weight

Who didn’t gasp last night when Courtney Crozier posted the one-pound loss that would send her home? One of Biggest Loser 11’s strongest competitors, Courtney’s body went in to what she’s calling starvation mode; she was not eating enough to meet the physical demands being put on her body. Not even the typically neutral host Alison Sweeney could hold back the tears as contestants and trainers objected to her elimination. The only dry eye in the house was Courtney’s, and with a genuine smile on her face, she assured everyone it was OK that she was going home. “I’m going to finish this strong at home,” she said.

She gives no reason not to believe her. Once weighing 435 pounds, this 22-year-old lost 120 pounds on her own before being cast for season 11. “I never needed the show to do this,” she said. “I did it to accelerate my weight loss.” And accelerate she did. Courtney lost 92 pounds on the ranch, sending her home with more than 200 pounds lost. She is very proud of her accomplishment, as she should be.

We spoke with Courtney following her emotional elimination and she talked to us about her advocacy for Dairy Queen, the family-run business, to make a fat-free, sugar-free frozen yogurt available. She also talks about how the weight loss on this side of Biggest Loser is different than her initial push. “It’s a huge process.”