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Running in Place or Running Through Space: What’s the Better Workout?

Today we contemplate a question that’s plagued intellectuals for centuries: what’s the better workout, running in place or actually running? We consulted Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA, who with twin sister Alexandra founded FunAndFit.org, to help shed some light on the subject.

Her answer: “The best one for the body is the one you will actually do and enjoy.”

There are no negative consequences to either approach, and Kymberly added that “the better activity is determined by the runner’s goals and abilities.”


Running in place is a relatively low impact exercise with little risk of injury. Because stationary running is powered by the body’s quadriceps and has a ball of the foot takeoff, Kymberly said, “In-place running rarely leads to shin splints and almost anyone can run in place with minimal risk of injury or joint stress.” She logically cautions that if you live in an unsafe neighborhood, you might want to run inside; if you live in an upstairs apartment, you should probably take it outside.