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The Skinny on Dunkin’ Donuts DDSmart Menu

It’s time to stop making the donuts. Instead, how about it’s time to make the 300 calorie or less egg white flatbread sandwiches? Dunkin’ Donuts recently unveiled its new DDSmart menu, full of low-fat and low-calorie options like breakfast sandwiches, coffee Coolatas with skim milk and reduced-fat blueberry muffins.

Dunkin Donuts Smart Menu

The DDSmart menu from Dunkin' Donuts offers egg white flatbread sandwiches and fruit smoothies.

Similar to Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts is doing their best to appeal to those of us who love donuts and coffee, but can’t eat them everyday. So to keep up with America’s effort to trim our waistlines, Dunkin’ Donuts has baked up some healthier breakfast and coffee options that won’t sabotage our daily calorie quota. But don’t worry, your favorite Bavarian Kreme donut isn’t going anywhere.

Here’s the new DDSmart menu: (more…)