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Best Gyms In Detroit

Detroit is the largest city in Michigan and is known for its automobile production. Detroit was founded in 1701 and currently has a population of just over 900,000 people. In 1950, Detroit was the fourth largest city in the nation, but currently holds the number eleven spot.

Detroit’s humid continental climate averages between twenty-four degrees in the winter to around seventy-three degrees in the summer. Due to the vast majority of water (Michigan borders five Great Lakes), the average snow fall is around forty inches during the winter. The cold winters make driving rather difficult, thus going to the local gym is tough during the winter months. Check below to see the best gyms in Detroit regardless if it’s winter or summer! (more…)

Best Places to Run in Detroit

detroit belle isle parkMy folks were raised in Michigan and I visit there quite frequently. It is a beautiful state full of trees and big lakes. Although the weather is a little sketchy, running Michigan should definitely be on your to do list.

Detroit is the largest city in Michigan as well as the eleventh largest city in the nation. It is also home to some amazing running/walking routes full of beautiful views and tough terrain. Below are a few of Detroit’s best and safest places to run.

Best Places to Run in Detroit

  1. Belle Isle Park (Beautiful Island Park): Located close to the hub of downtown and full of many miles of trails and paths. The park is near America’s busiest inland waterway that provides breathtaking views of Detroit, Canada, and the Ambassador Bridge. (more…)

Tryptophan Explained

thanksgiving nap

On Thanksgiving, I will be surrounded by 40-50 family members. After we share our feast from appetizers to desserts, several of us will find a spot in front of the television to watch football and doze through commercials. Although I would like to see the Lions hand the Titans another loss (I am a true blue Colts fan!), surrendering to “turkey-daze” is part of the holiday, right? It is commonly believed that the tryptophan in turkey induces sleepiness; however, there is more to our holiday drowsiness than this one chemical.

Tryptophan is one of ten amino acids that the body cannot manufacture on its own and must be supplemented through diet. Tryptophan aids in the production of the B-vitamin niacin which then assists the body’s production of serotonin. Serotonin helps us regulate mood, aggression, anxiety, impulsiveness, body temperature, appetite, and sleep. However serotonin cannot cross the blood brain barrier, meaning we cannot create more serotonin in our bodies. (more…)

Oklahoma City loves junk food

To add insult to injury- Oklahoma City/Tulsa showed up as the number one “junk food obsessed city” on a new Forbes list. Correct me if I’m wrong- but aren’t Taco Bell tacos junk food? Even if they are on a “healthier” menu?

I’m not trying to beat-up on Oklahoma City today. I love that city- I went to college at OU. It’s heartbreaking to see how poor the health is due to obesity, 27% of the population according to this Forbes report.

Also on the list:
1. Memphis
2. Birmingham
3. San Antonio
5. Detroit
9. Kansas City
13. New Orleans
16. Atlanta

While the Oklahoma City Mayor, Mick Cornett, is encouraging his city to lose a million pounds and get off the list of fattest cities in the US, there seem to be a lot of obstacles. Allowing Taco Bell to partner with the OKC Million Pound Challenge seems like one that could have been avoided. Oklahoma City should stand as an example for the many other cities it shares a place with on the obesity list.

What do you think about the cities on the list? Are weight loss efforts taking place in your own hometown? What do you think about Taco Bell partnering with OKC?

Paczkis anyone?

It’s hard to believe that Ash Wednesday is just a mere few days away. (Wasn’t Christmas just last week?) This obviously makes the day before Ash Wednesday no other than Fat Tuesday when these traditionally Polish fried balls of flour, sugar and an assortment of fillings are eaten by the dozen. Certain cities across the U.S. like Chicago, Detroit, Hamtramck, Milwaukee and South Bend, devour these carb-laden delicacies on the Tuesday before Lent- but did you know that paczkis are supposed to be consumed on Fat Thursday, which is the last Thursday before Lent?

Rather than listing the calorie, carb and fat content of one of these speciality doughnut-like treats, if you live in a part of the country where the lines outside your local Polish bakery are a mile-long before 4 a.m., have fun if you decide to indulge. Eating indulgently is a balancing act so if you’re feeling a bit guilty about your paczki weakness, nix dessert after dinner or forgo the 3 p.m. sugar fix. Enjoy and happy eating!