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DietGuru Is a New Online Customized Diet Plan

Creator of DietGuru

John Spencer Ellis

Another player has entered the field of online weight-loss plans. Created by Dr. John Spencer Ellis, DietGuru.com is a diet program that’s advertising customized diet and meal plans for as little as 33 cents per day, which uses a system that is designed to help you reach your goals using a great deal of your input. This system aims to educate the user not only about eating the right number of calories, but also about getting the right balance of macro-nutrients. The site also provides tools to help you track your food choices, and will suggest meals and snacks that will correct any daily vitamin or nutrients deficiencies for the day.

Dr. Ellis is a fitness and wellness expert who holds a doctorate in education. He has had a life-long passion for fitness, and is the CEO of the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association, the International Triathlon Coaching Association and the Spencer Institute for Life Coaching. He has also created a number of fitness programs, most notably Adventure Boot Camp.