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Interview with DietTribe’s Jessie Pavelka

DietTribe's Jessie Pavelka

DietTribe's Jessie Pavelka

With DietTribe Season 2 having just wrapped up, we caught up with Jessie Pavelka, the Lifetime weight loss reality series’ trainer who helped the five women of Season 2 lost 50 pounds, compete in a triathlon and give them the tools they need to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s what Jessie had to say about DietTribe Season 2 and the ladies that made this season an inspiring story of the power of team work, great friends and a committment to healthy living.


DietTribe Episode 8 Recap

diettribe finaleOn this past week’s episode of DietTribe, the women reached the finish line. The women competed in their triathlon and their final weights and makeovers are revealed. They also received a surprise reward for their commitment to their diets: A seven-day lavish cruise with their families.

Here’s what happened on the finale of DietTribe Season Two:


DietTribe Recap Episode Seven

diettribeThis past week on DietTribe, the women went away on a weekend adventure to San Diego where they played softball with the U.S. Women’s National Softball team. Lavished with spa treatment including a delicious and portion-controlled meal with their trainer Jessie, dips in the hotel swimming pool, and heartfelt chats in a steamy hot tub, the ladies had a chance to relax, focus on themselves and have some fun.

One of the highlights of episode seven was a surfing lesson that all of the DietTribe members had an opportunity to participate in. Complete with wet suits, polished surf boards and some decent beginner waves, they rode the crests on their bellies, knees and even for a few seconds, on their feet, as they got their adrenaline pumping with a real surfing workout.


DietTribe Recap Episode Six

diettribe season twoOn episode six of Lifetime’s DietTribe, Stephanie turned 40 and celebrated the milestone with her friends and family aboard a glamorous boat for a memorable birthday.

The episode first kicked off with an emotional reunion between sisters Tiffany and Stephanie and their family members who came in to town just for the birthday celebration. Then to the tune of music, dancing, teary speeches and of course, birthday cake, the girls, clad in gown sizes they hadn’t worn in years, toasted not just Stephanie’s birthday, but their collective weight loss success as well.


DietTribe Season Two Episode Four Recap

cat cora diettribeThe women of Lifetime’s DietTribe Season Two continue to lose weight with each passing week but not without recognizing just how far their weight struggles can reach.

The women, who are all also mothers except for LaNessa, are concerned that they will inevitably pass their unhealthy eating habits down to their kids. During episode four, chef Cat Cora stopped by to show the women how to cook for themselves and their families in a healthy way in order to prevent their eating patterns from being passed down to another generation. (more…)

DietTribe Season Two Episode Five Recap

diettribe season twoOn episode five of Lifetime TV’s DietTribe Season Two, the five women faced some of their toughest fears by braving the ocean waters in order to train for the triathalon which is just a mere six weeks away.

With ten weeks left to go on their weight loss journey, the women have just crossed the half-way point of their 120-day challenge to lose 50 pounds each and compete in a triathalon. Despite Mary’s near panic attack in the water, all of them made it to shore safely and with a newly found confidence in themselves.


Mary Lasnier Interview – DietTribe Season 2

We’re just about three weeks into DietTribe‘s season two. DietsInReview.com had a chance to chat with one of the tribe members, Mary Lasnier, a working-turned-stay-at-home-mom who saw the weight creep on (and never creep off) after giving birth to her second child.mary lasnier diettribe

Motivated to accomplish her goal of losing 50 pounds, Mary dished with us about her reasons for joining the weight loss reality show and how she will keep up the momentum of her newly-discovered healthy habits once the show wraps up.

What led you to being on DietTribe?

The idea was brought to me by my dear friend, LaNessa, another DietTribe member. I, fortunately or unfortunately, fell into that category of someone who needed to lose weight. I never had an issue with food or my weight until I had my second child and the pregnancy weight never came off. (more…)

DietTribe Episode Two Recap

diettribe weigh-inThe five women on Lifetime’s DietTribe hit week number four this past week, narrowing their weight loss challenge down to just 12 weeks remaining to make their weight loss goals of 50 pounds each and their team goal of competing in a triathlon.

During the second episode, trainer Jessie Pavelka helped the girls prepare healthy and on-the-go meals and snacks, in addition to challenging them to a Marine Corps obstacle course. While the women rose to the challenge of the obstacle course when it came to Mary’s Mardi Gras birthday bash, the margaritas and cake proved to be too much for the girls’ willpower. (more…)

DietTribe’s Jessie Pavelka Teams Up with LIVESTRONG.com

jessie pavelkaDietTribe’s own Jessie Pavelka is not just inspiring the five young ladies on the Lifetime reality series to lose 50 pounds in 120 days, but he is also working closely with the health advocates at LIVESTRONG.com to encourage the one million-strong community to lose weight and stay healthy.

Sharing his exclusive tips, interviews, and encouragement, each week Jessie will give the low-down on what it takes to walk a balanced journey of healthy living with the occasional Oreo cookie in hand (His favorite guilty indulgence.) (more…)

DietTribe Season 2 Premiere Recap

In case you missed it, we have all the highlights for you from the season 2 premiere of Lifetime’s DietTribe.

diettribeLast week, we  introduced you to the five Tribe ladies who are on a 120-day journey to lose 50 pounds and compete in a triathlon. In addition, we had a chance to speak with two of the show’s contestants, sisters Stephanie Taulealea and Tiffany Young.

On the season premiere, trainer Jessie Pavelka went grocery shopping for the girls and then educated them on the portion sizes, the importance of lean protein and introduced them to the kind of clean-eating diet they would be following over the next 120 days. He also took the girls hiking, and at the end of their trekking excursion, they were introduced to their psychotherapist, Stacy Kaiser, who helped them literally take their first step along their weight loss journey. (more…)

DietTribe Season 2 Premieres October 2

Carve out some time this evening to watch the return of DietTribe, Lifetime’s reality series about a group of friends who have made a commitment to lose weight together.diettribe

Back are fitness and health expert Jessie Pavelka and psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser as they guide this season’s tribe to making healthy changes in their lives and overcome many of the personal obstacles that have prevented them from losing weight.

Season 2 follows five friends for 120 days as they work together to motivate each other to endure some of the toughest workouts of their lives and adhere to the clean-eating plan they must follow in order to lose the 35-50 pounds that Jessie has challenged them with. In addition, the women must also compete in a triathlon at the end of their four-month journey. (more…)