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Membership Sales Up at Dubai Gym After Offensive Advertising Campaign

What do a gym and the Holocaust have in common? According to at the Circuit Factory, a gym in Dubai, they are both a great place to burn calories.

Whoa, wait a second! That’s incredibly insensitive and not funny. However, that did not stop the company’s marketing team from posting pictures of Auschwitz, a famous Nazi death camp in Poland, with the words “Kiss your calories goodbye” on their Facebook page. Around 3,000,000 people died at Auschwitz during World War II.

Obviously, many people were offended and upset when these images appeared on Facebook on Tuesday morning. One user said he was “shocked [at] the level of ignorance.” The company quickly took the images down and then made a statement on Twitter: “Apologies for the insane poster campaign that was put up this morning… The creative guy has been told where to go.”

It seems that the Circuit Factory really does regret the campaign. It appears that they have fired the creative guy who posted the pictures and have released the following statement from Phil Parkinson, who runs the company.

“I am mortified and extremely sorry and it was wrong,” Parkinson said. “I should not have put that campaign up. I am very sorry about that.”

PETA Silenced in Dubai and Jordan

Vegetarian activists face challenges in spreading their message in the Middle East. In Jordan, Amina Tariq was asked to stop spreading PETA pro-vegetarian information. A fellow campaigner, Ashley Fruno, said that she tried to obtain permission for her demonstration. “They told us we did not need permission because it’s not an actual protest, since there would be one person involved.” Yet police stopped her and took her to the station anyway.

PETA works to promote vegetarian diets worldwide for a number of reasons. They cite the high water consumption used in animal agriculture as a pressing environmental problem in desert areas. According to PETA, raising livestock uses 550 billion gallons of water everyday. (more…)