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Common Gym Injuries For Beginners

Beginning the gym process is often scary for most people- they fear the unknown. Don’t let the thought of joining a gym for the first time scare you. Everything will be alright and you will soon feel that you a part of a gym family.

Finding the right gym is often the toughest part. You definitely need to take in to account the distance you will be traveling, whether or not the gym has the right equipment (weights, day-care, fitness classes, etc.) to help you meet your needs, and reasonable memberships rates. The next step is to familiarize yourself with the workout process. Beginning a new fitness routine is rather challenging and often hazardous to the body if you’re not completely careful. I recommend contacting a fitness expert with questions or help with setting up a new fitness routine. Recent studies show that beginner gym “go-ers” are more likely to injure themselves compared to the entire gym population. Below is a list of injuries that you need to be aware of so you can be sure to steer clear of them.


Top 10 Dumbbell Exercises

Dumbbell exercises are a great way to incorporate muscle stability. Machines control the movement or range of motion and are perfect for beginners. dumbbellsDumbbells, on the other hand, are more advanced and without proper form and technique could lead to injury. I have put together a few exercises that can be performed by using dumbbells. Please modify each exercise if you are unable to perform the ones shown, or if they cause pain. The key to the perfect workout is modifying lifts or exercises to fit your body. I recommend doing three sets of twenty repetitions for those that are wanting to tone and four sets of ten repetitions for those wanting to add muscle mass.

Top 10 Dumbbell Exercises