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Save Money with Online Personal Training Services

Guest Blogger Jason J. Horsley is the CEO and Founder of eFitness for Life, an online fitness solution made up of coaches, registered dietitians, and personal trainers working with clients around the world to enhance overall health and wellness through personalized programs, while teaching the benefits of physical fitness and balanced healthy diets.

Jason Horsely of eFitness for Life

Jason Horsely of eFitness for Life

Up until very recently, anyone looking to get in shape, manage their weight, train for an event, prepare for a special occasion or just enhance our overall health and wellness had very limited options. At $60-$150 per hour, the conventional, expensive, dietitian and personal trainer simply aren’t an option for most.

Technology to the rescue! The Internet now makes getting in shape both affordable and convenient. At $60-$90 PER MONTH, online fitness coaching, is all-inclusive, covering diet and exercise and has the ability to help almost anyone, anywhere in the world, change the way they look and feel. (more…)