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Have a Grape Summer with Ellie Krieger’s Simple Recipe Ideas

It’s natural to think that a renowned dietitian and celebrity chef would be pretty picky about the foods she eats. After all, only the best quality and best nutrition will do. And it looks like Ellie Krieger, MS, RD, found that perfect match with a little fruit known as the grape.

“It’s funny, I’m thoughtful about partnerships, but this one couldn’t be a better fit,” she told us about her new alliance with the California Grapes Commission. “I’m thrilled to partner with them,” she said, and added that the relationship hit the trifecta for healthy, delicious, and easy. Those are key components in everything Ellie does with food, and why she’s so very popular on her Food Network program and with her cookbooks.

She called the versatility of the grape remarkable, and went on to boast that the fruit is capable of much more culinarily than just snacking on a chilled bunch.

“Where to begin?” she said excitedly when asked how she prepares grapes in dishes and desserts.

She shared her newest discovery of freezing grapes – put the bag in the freezer and then let thaw slightly. When you take a bite, “they’re like little bursts of sorbet!” (more…)

Diet and Fitness Celebrities Share Their 2024 Resolutions

New year’s resolutions are mostly synonymous with weight loss. It’s not a bad goal to set when you remember that about half of our country is considered obese.

We spoke with some of the diet and fitness world’s A-list to hear what their resolutions are for the coming year. While they are the pictures of health, many of them are also looking at introducing new habits to their lifestyles in the coming year. Many also model using resolutions to simply better themselves, be it a few less f-bombs or more time with family.

Click through to hear how Joy Bauer, Jillian Michaels, Dolvett Quince, Kirstie Alley, Kithe Brewster, Denise Austin, Tracey Mallett, and others will be resolving to make better choices in 2024.

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Jillian Michaels – JillianMichaels.com

“My resolution is to stop swearing. While I’m doing that, I’d love to see people quit smoking, eat better, and hit the gym in 2024.”

TV Chef Ellie Krieger cooks up a thinner waist

People often need a friendly face with an authoritative voice to encourage them to live healthy lives. For many, Ellie Krieger is the personality whose face and voice gently inspires them to continue the struggle toward a balanced, healthy lifestyle. As the host of the highly-popular Food Network television show “Healthy Appetite,” she greets her audience with the ease of a long-time friend, offering health tips and recipes that promote losing weight. As the author of the bestselling “Small Changes, Big Results,” she has gained both media attention and a ever-growing base of loyal fans. Today, her momentum continues to build with her new online program “Healthy Living With Ellie Krieger.” ellie krieger

Building Her Following Through Exposure

Krieger, a registered dietitian, has been slowly building a fan base with regular appearances on popular TV shows such as “Today,” “Saturday Early Show” and “Your Total Health.” She has also contributed articles and columns to print magazines such as “People,” “Parenting” and “Woman’s Day.” Catering primarily to women, Krieger offers her expertise in both health and nutrition to an ever-growing legion of female fans who are struggling to lose weight and live healthy lives.

The Ellie Krieger Method For Healthy Living

Krieger maintains that most fad diets are ineffective for living healthily over the long-term. For example, while some diets that encourage its followers to avoid consuming carbohydrates to lose weight, doing so for a prolonged time can have physical and health impacts. Instead, she promotes eating foods that people find delicious while getting into shape and keeping fit through exercise. Krieger contends that this balanced lifestyle of eating the right foods, not depriving your body of foods that it naturally wants to enjoy and being active is the only healthy way to lose weight and keep it off while feeling energized and staying healthy.

Through her book, Food Network television show and online program, Krieger emphasizes that people should focus their attention on the quality of foods they eat, not simply the quantity. For example, eating desserts that you crave is something you should allow your body to enjoy. Just don’t eat desserts in excess. Plus, she claims that if you’re going to indulge, make sure you do so with foods that are worth indulging. That is to say, don’t indulge in horrible-tasting muffins simply to “fill the void.” Indulge in great-tasting muffins so that you’ll enjoy your food more.

Through Krieger’s online program, you’re encouraged to stick with a schedule that includes 3 meals and 2 snacks each day. Nothing is off-limits, including the desserts you crave. A critical component of the program is getting exercise. In the program, you’ll be provided with a customized activity schedule to help you stay active each day.

Healthy Living Can Be Simple

According to Ellie Krieger, living a healthy life isn’t mysterious. It’s simple. It merely requires sticking to a diet that focuses on the quality of foods you give your body and ensuring that you maintain an active lifestyle. By doing these things, you can feel better, lose weight, live healthier and enjoy life more fully. Often, the best solutions are the simple ones.

Article by Damon Zahariades

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