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Erik Chopin Week 2 Check-In

Erik Chopin drops us a video update on his second week at the Biggest Loser Resort. Watch below to find out whom Erik brought with him to the resort and what he is doing now that he hasn’t done in years!

Erik Chopin Prepares for Biggest Loser Finale at Biggest Loser Resort

Update: View Erik’s last video update: Final check-in at the Biggest Loser Resort Here.

It’s been three and a half years since the confetti fell on the Biggest Loser season three stage, where Erik Chopin became a record-setting winner. He was the heaviest contestant they’d ever had, weighing 407 pounds. During four months on the ranch and four months at home he lost 214 pounds; a finale weight of 193.

Erik went home and enjoyed the limelight of his success, working closely with a pharmaceutical company, NBC and touring the country for speaking engagements. He says the activity correlated with his accomplishment and helped to hold him accountable. A year and a half later, the offers slowly stopped and there were new winners and new people in the spotlight. Erik slowly grew depressed, and even rationalized snacking on the junk food that had made its way back into the house by his wife, pregnant with their son.

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Listen now to our exclusive interview with Erik from the Biggest Loser Resort, or continue reading.


Erik Chopin’s New Reality Show

erik chopinWe all watched Biggest Loser season 3 contestant Erik Chopin lose 214 pounds in 2006 and become The Biggest Loser, and then sadly last year, we discovered that this Biggest Loser winner had regained much of the weight he lost – 122 pounds to be exact.

But after an in-person visit from Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper, Erik is ready to get back to his fighting weight to fight once again for his life.

The new reality series, “Confessions of a Reality Show Loser,” follows Erik on his personal journey to lose the weight for good.


Biggest Loser Reunion Episode

biggest-loser-logoThe Biggest Loser reunion episode, “Where are They Now,” aired on Tuesday, November 25, 2022. The two-hour program featured 40 contestants from seasons one through seven and while we would love to highlight each of the former contestants, here are a few notable mentions.


Coleen Skeabeck’s Interview at GirlAWhirl

Coleen dresses for '80s week on Biggest Loser 6.

Coleen dresses for '80s week on Biggest Loser 6.

It seems everyone wants to know what Coleen is up to these days since leaving The Biggest Loser. GirlAWhirl wanted to know what her favorite exercises are, her favorite healthy foods and what supports she has in place to make sure she doesn’t gain the weight back, as Erik Chopin recently announced he did.

Here’s a sneak peek. GirlAWhirl asked:

What does your current exercise routine consist of?
Cardio, cardio, cardio, with of course a bit of strength training thrown in there. I like to do as much cardio as I can. I switch it up between the treadmill, Stairmaster and elliptical. My all time favorite is spin class!! Lately it’s all about swimming due to a double knee injury!

See Coleen’s GirlAWhirl interview.

See Coleen’s answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Biggest Loser’s Erik Chopin Gains it Back

Biggest Loser has been getting a lot of coverage lately, having appeared on Oprah this past fall and then on Larry King Live this past week. One of the show’s favorite winners, Erik Chopin of season three, was absent from Oprah’s episode, saying he just wanted to hide and didn’t want to admit to friends and fans his weight gain. Then he appeared on Larry King, and America saw that the man who had lost 214 pounds on Biggest Loser, had gained it back. Erik has since gained 122 pounds.

Erik Chopin won Biggest Loser 3, then gained 122 pounds. (Oprah.com)

Erik Chopin won Biggest Loser 3, then gained 122 pounds. (Oprah.com)