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Quick Fat Blasting Tips For an Amazing Summer Body

By Stephanie Mansour

With the temperature rising and beach season in full swing, we bet you’re wondering if there are any secrets out there to blast fat effectively to reveal a toned beach body. Well you’re in luck because today we’re uncovering four simple secrets to burning fat without much effort. Whether you’re at home, at the gym or sitting in your desk chair at work, here are some of our favorite ‘Quick Fast Blasting Tips’ to banish fat the smart way.

Change up your cardio
Look at your cardio workout in intervals: sprint as fast as you can for a minute, then back off but increase your incline. If you’re on the elliptical, increase resistance, then pick up the pace for a few minutes. If you are in love with the treadmill, instead of walking for a few minutes to warm up, try out the bike or another cardio machine for your warm up and to move your muscles differently. Muscles have memory and can quickly become conditioned to your favorite form of cardio. Avoid this by making your muscles guess what’s coming next! (more…)

Liposonix: An In-Depth Look at the Latest Cellulite Procedure

If you’ve ever wanted to get rid of stubborn cellulite, then you’ve likely researched all of the procedures, creams and pills out there to fight this unsightly fat that plagues so many women. But if you’ve come up short in your search, then there may be hope in the form of a new FDA-cleared procedure called Liposonix. 

After doing a profile piece on the procedure earlier this month, we now have more details about Liposonix from the creators themselves. Upon contacting a representative from the company, we were able to dig up some more information about the cellulite-reducing procedure. Here’s what we found.

Q: Your website is touting one procedure, one hour. But can a patient after the 12 week recovery period receive additional treatments? (more…)