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Candice Ball Lost 41 Pounds with P90X and Insanity

This week’s inspiring true weight loss story comes from Candice Ball of New York City who lost more than 40 pounds after deciding she’d put health on the back burner for long enough. Candice had struggled with her weight for the majority of her life, but in 2021 she came to the realization that she had to get healthy. “I’ve struggled with weight basically all my life,” she said. “I was not eating healthy…I was addicted to an unhealthy lifestyle.”

At her heaviest, Candice weighed 174 pounds. Her adorable puppy, Toshi, who is a professional pet actor and model, was one factor that triggered her weight loss journey. “I was embarrassed that I made sure my dog was well taken care of, but I wasn’t.”

Another factor that helped Candice finally decide to lose the weight was a run-in with an old flame. “I ran into someone I really cared for many years ago and I felt awkward, him seeing me the way I looked. I was always active when I was with that person,” she said. “Then I just let myself go.”

In December of last year, Candice started doing P90x2 and within two weeks, she dropped 17 pounds. After she finished the program she continued to follow a food plan and added Insanity to her workout routine. Candice’s initial goal weight was 140 pounds, but she surpassed that mark and is currently thrilled to be 133 pounds.

Even though Candice met her weight goal, she still continues to workout and eat healthy. Her exercises consist of circuit training, P90x2, running, martial arts, and riding horses. “Anything to keep me moving and not in the same routine,” she said. (more…)

MyNetDiary May Be A Step Above Other Diet Trackers

MyNetDiary is a food diary and calorie counter available online or through a mobile app. Diet tracking apps are very popular and there are several on the market. MyNetDiary feels they have one of the best on the market and they took some time to explain why they feel this way.

“The power of MyNetDiary’s detailed food and exercise tracking service is its ability to document precisely what we eat, how many calories we burn and even when we eat,” explains Katherine Isacks, Registered Dietitian with MyNetDiary, “and people can track calories on-the-go with MyNetDiary’s mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry.”

These functions sound similar to most tracking apps. However, Isacks explained how NyNetDiary takes extra steps in ensure accuracy as many tracking sites allow for user-entered totals on many dishes and foods.

“I absolutely love our humongous database. I can pretty much find any food I want (generic, brand, and restaurant foods).  If I bring up a ‘user contributed’ food versus a system-entered and quality assured food, I can easily identify it as such, and check and edit the values for accuracy. When I played with the other apps, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out which items where user-entered (which means a higher risk of inaccurate values) and which were system-entered.”

Review: A New Food Diary Software

Keeping a food diary is a frequently used way to take a very realistic look at what we eat and how much we eat throughout the course of the day. Not only does it make you accountable for every morsel of food you put into your mouth, but this meticulous and often illuminating food exercise causes us to pause before we reach for a handful of this or that.

For anyone who is at a loss as to why they won’t lose weight or why four secret pounds have crept on, keep a food diary for three days and write down every sugar packet that you dump into your coffee and each nibble in the snack cabinet to see as clear as day just how much you are really eating.

weight by date

Weight By Date is a software program that takes your food diary one step further by calculating the calories and nutrients of each food that passes your lips for you. Best of all, it’s affordable at under $40.

Weight-by-Date is a diet software package that journals your own fitness goals and diet progress. There are no claims that you will lose a certain amount of weight by a certain amount of time. It instead includes a weight loss calendar which tells you how much you’ve lost and when you’ll reach your goal. It also has a food diary which keeps track of what you are eating, the nutrients you are getting and helps you to stay under your caloric limits with its organized calculations. Weight-by-Date contains a health and fitness journal which allows you to track your fitness activities and progress. All of the information can be downloaded to your PDA.

– An organized and comprehensive tool for monitoring weight loss
– Personalized to your body requirements
– Syncs with PDA or travels on your PC laptop
– Affordable

– Software is only available for PC users
– Requires time for entering data
– Must be technologically-savvy

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