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We Love Revolution Foods and Fruitabu

revolution-foods-mashupsToday’s guest blog comes from an in-the-know mom. Naomi Shapiro is the stay-at-home mom who “didn’t expect to be” over at Superdumb Supervillain. She’s got two kiddos to chase after and fill both hers and their diets with foods they’ll eat, enjoy and will be good for them. Today she offers a great product recommendation.

This week, we love putting something in our kiddo’s lunchbox that we can feel good about. And that they’ll actually want to eat… Like fruit. Only, without the annoying tendency to bruise when tossed around in a backpack. Or the need to wash, peel or even slice it.

Mashups by Revolution Foods are organic 100% fruit purees that come in three kid-friendly flavors (grape, berry, tropical fruit) and contain no preservatives or added sugar. Perhaps more importantly- and certainly more fun!- they come in a squeezable pouch that requires no utensils. Hands-free Mashups are resealable, which is convenient for feeding babies on the go. The 90g pouches each contain 60 calories or less, making them a decent snack option for calorie counting parents, too. (more…)