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Work it Off: 3 Ways to Zap a 169-Calorie Gelato Bar

Did you know that Italian gelato has fewer calories and less fat than American style ice cream? Me neither! But upon learning this fun fact my first thought was, obviously, I’ve got to get some! A few months ago I had seen Bar Gelato for sale in the Bay Area and the brightly colored bars of frozen gelato looked delish! This week I tracked them down and, after much internal debate, I finally settled on a flavor: Pistachio. (Other front-runners included Recchiuti Burnt Caramel and Guittard Dark Chocolate Sorbetto!)

site2It was, in a word, heavenly. Much denser than most other ice cream bars thanks to the reduced amount of air added to the formula. Much more flavorful than a lot of other ice pops and frozen treats I’ve had, thanks to the natural flavors. And, on an unseasonably sunny and warm day it really hit the spot.

Of course, there’s always a trade-off. This afternoon indulgence weighed in at a fairly reasonable 169 calories, but it was still more than I’d bargained to eat as a snack.

What are some fun ways to burn off 169 calories? (more…)

Talenti Gelato Hits the Sweet Spot with Quality Ingredients and Flavors

With temperatures reaching as high as 108 degrees here in Kansas this week, we were one happy crew when an ice-cold shipment of gelato and sorbet from Talenti showed up on our doorstep. The company, which started as a single gelato location and now sells to most major retailers, generously offered to send us a sampling of their delicious products. And being the sweets-loving group that we are, we said ‘yes!’ without thinking twice.

For those unfamiliar with gelato, it’s very similar to ice cream except there’s less air incorporated during the mixing process, which gives it a more dense rather than fluffy texture. And it also contains less cream and more milk than typical ice cream, so most flavors contain up to 1/3 less fat. (more…)