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New ‘Body By Glamour’ Program is a Free 12-Week Weight Loss Plan

Glamour magazine and Glamour.com announce the return of their successful Body by Glamour program. More than 500,000 people have participated in this free 12-week online health and fitness program, which helps users reach their goals from losing weight and targeting a trouble zone to eating healthier. This year Body by Glamour is powered by DailyBurn, a fitness solution that helps motivate people to achieve better fitness results in less time. Body by Glamour participants will be able to use DailyBurn’s quick and easy tracking tools to monitor their nutritional intake, exercise and sleep patterns.

A recent study published by the American Journal of Medicine shows that people who have tracked their food and fitness progress lost twice as much weight, on average, than those who did not. DailyBurn has more than one million members who have tracked more than 133 billion calories and burned 250,000 pounds of fat! By signing up for the program, participants will receive: (more…)