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How to Cook with Grapes

Grapes have always been one of my very favorite fruits. With each bite their crisp skin gives way to a sweet, soft center that I simply can’t resist. Once I start eating a bowl, I’m hard pressed not to finish. Though I enjoy grapes very much as is, I’ve also loved plucking them from the vine and freezing them for a light and delicious after-dinner snack.

Health benefits: Grapes are considered a low glycemic index food, meaning they won’t spike your blood sugar upon consumption. They’re also a great source of manganese, vitamin C, and potassium. Grapes also contain resveratrol, which is a polyphenol that helps improve brain health, and are also widely known for their ability to aid in digestion. In fact, they are considered a laxative food as they help relieve cramping and constipation.

In addition, purple grapes have even been found to help prevent breast cancer and even macular degeneration according to recent research studies. And among many other health benefits, grapes contain powerful antioxidant-containing flavonoids that fight free radicals in the body and even prevent cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer.

Nutritional statistics: One cup of red or green grapes contains approximately 104 calories, 0 grams fat, 3 mg sodium, 27 grams carbohydrates, 1 gram fiber, 23 grams sugar, and 1 gram protein. (more…)

Have a Grape Summer with Ellie Krieger’s Simple Recipe Ideas

It’s natural to think that a renowned dietitian and celebrity chef would be pretty picky about the foods she eats. After all, only the best quality and best nutrition will do. And it looks like Ellie Krieger, MS, RD, found that perfect match with a little fruit known as the grape.

“It’s funny, I’m thoughtful about partnerships, but this one couldn’t be a better fit,” she told us about her new alliance with the California Grapes Commission. “I’m thrilled to partner with them,” she said, and added that the relationship hit the trifecta for healthy, delicious, and easy. Those are key components in everything Ellie does with food, and why she’s so very popular on her Food Network program and with her cookbooks.

She called the versatility of the grape remarkable, and went on to boast that the fruit is capable of much more culinarily than just snacking on a chilled bunch.

“Where to begin?” she said excitedly when asked how she prepares grapes in dishes and desserts.

She shared her newest discovery of freezing grapes – put the bag in the freezer and then let thaw slightly. When you take a bite, “they’re like little bursts of sorbet!” (more…)

7 Recipes to Enjoy the Juicy Health Benefits of Grapes

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Is there any fruit as ubiquitous as grapes? From the ancient Greek gods to California farmers, I think everyone loves grapes. I mean, what’s not to love about those little round orbs of sweet goodness?

But are they healthy? Compared to other fruits like apples or bananas, grapes definitely do pack quite a sweet punch. However, grapes are actually incredibly healthy for you. A cup of grapes does have about 14 grams of sugar, but it also has about a gram of fiber. In total, a cup will only set you back about 60 calories without any fat.

On top of all that, grapes are a nutrient powerhouse. They are a great source of manganese, vitamin C and potassium. For additional health benefits, grapes are loaded with cancer-fighting antioxidants. So are grapes healthy? In short, absolutely! (more…)

Eat Right With Color: Blue and Purple Fruits and Veggies

Jane Schwartz Harrison is a registered dietitian and lifestyle writer for www.myOptumHealth.com. She is also the editor of their Nutrition and Healthy Weight, Healthy Kids hubs, and provides nutrition expertise through writing articles, developing menu plans and recipes, and supporting a nutrition column. Working in the nutrition field for the past 20 years, Jane has maintained a successful private practice and lectures regionally.

Feeling blue? In nutrition circles, this would be considered a good thing! Blue and purple fruits and veggies are colored by natural plant pigments called “anthocyanins.” Anthocyanins, part of the flavonoid family, are powerful antioxidants.

A recent survey found that adults who eat purple and blue fruits and vegetables have reduced risk for both high blood pressure and low HDL cholesterol (the “good” kind); they are also less likely to be overweight.


Alton Brown Promotes Polyphenols for Your Health

A new ad featuring Alton Brown promotes Welch’s concord grape juice as a way to help boost your health and immune system due to its polyphenol content.

What are polyphenols?

  • Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant
  • Found mainly in fruits, but also in some vegetables, chocolate, tea, and coffee
  • There are at least 5,000 individual polyphenols reported in scientific literature
  • All polyphenols have an antioxidant effect, but the magnitude of the the effect can vary quite a bit (meaning some are more potent/helpful for your health then others) (more…)