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10 Ways to Eat Sustainably

Words like “sustainable,” “eco-friendly,” and “green” have become daily utterances in our vernacular. In a recent issue of Whole Living magazine, they discussed 50 ways to eat sustainably. We took 10 of our favorite suggestions from their list and compiled them into our own.

Today, eating, living, breathing and doing with a greater mindfulness of how our actions affect not just ourselves, but our community, world and planet has never before been so urgent. And since it is the small actions we do on a daily basis that accumulate to a greater and more long-lasting benefit, the choices you make in your everyday eating and cooking practices can have a profound effect on the health of our bodies and Earth.

Make a commitment to follow one, five or all of these sustainable eating tips and notice the subtle changes in your world:


Logos That Really Mean “Green” or Organic Foods

More and more products are coming out touting that they are less harmful to the environment or are earthy friendly, but in order to use this type of labeling the product must be manufactured with minimal energy and packaging should be made of recycled materials (think the paper grocery bags at Whole Foods supermarkets). Not all manufacturers follow the full guidelines that entitle this “green” messaging, so by referencing the logos listed below you can ensure that the products and produce you purchase are in fact “green”:

USDA organic logo For products to use the USDA labeling it must contain at least 95% organic ingredients that have not had any chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides or genetically modified organisms used. (more…)

Interview with Sophie Uliano, author of The Gorgeously Green Diet

Gorgeously Green Diet author, Sophie Uliano

Gorgeously Green Diet author, Sophie Uliano

It is one thing to recycle your daily newspaper and bring your own tote bag to the grocery store but when it comes to making over your diet and lifestyle behaviors, each of us has our own comfort-level with what it means to be green. While many believe that going green means giving up everything from their favorite hamburgers to swapping out their car for a bicycle, Sophie Uliano,  the author of The Gorgeously Green Diet as well as its predecessor, Gorgeously Green, shares with us simple steps that anyone can take to add more green living in their life.

We had the opportunity to speak with Sophie who believes that her plan which is more of a “live-it” lifestyle plan rather than a diet can be followed by anyone who is passionate about taking care of herself (and the planet).

Listen to the interview below