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Food Blogger Spotlight: Janetha Gallegos of Meals and Moves

You likely have at least one person in your life who is endlessly inspiring, always pushes the limits of their fitness, and dreams up healthy meals that taste better than takeout.

That person in my “blogging life” is Janetha Gallegos – author and creator of the healthy living blog, Meals and Moves.

Janetha is one of the fittest women I know and is always churning up healthy, mouth-watering recipes much to the delight of her ever-growing readership. We had the pleasure of talking with Janetha recently about her blog and where she draws her inspiration for healthy living. Here’s what she had to say.

Why did you start your food blog?

I started Meals & Moves to share my healthy meal ideas with friends and family and also to keep myself accountable for what I was eating. Since I had recently lost a lot of weight, I wanted to be sure to keep it off and my blog helped me do just that.

How would you describe your approach to eating/health? (more…)

‘Lean and Healthy to 100’ Takes a Natural Approach to Health

Gordon Filepas is a father, businessman, and husband just like millions of other people. But after losing his father and brother to cancer within three months of each other nearly 20 years ago, he began a relentless quest to know how to live a long and healthy life naturally. He shares those principles in his new book, ‘Lean and Healthy to 100.’

Of our obesity-ridden society, FIlepas says, “I don’t know how many more signs we need in Western society before we really get serious about our health.” The author considers his book a guide for achieving optimal health based on models from cultures where long lives are the norm.

One of the things Filepas is most passionate about is the health of his family. “When my children were born…I spent so much time watching my father and brother suffer and watched how the doctors couldn’t do anything for them despite their best efforts…it scared me pretty badly,” he says.

“Prior to this I had always taken health for granted. Their deaths woke me up and made me realize that I did not want to leave the health of my children to chance.” (more…)

NBA and WNBA Live Healthy Week Starts Today

NBA/WNBAIt may not be hard for professional basketball players to stay healthy when they’re training all the time, but they know that it’s more of a challenge for their fans. To help encourage families to lead active lives the NBA is promoting Live Health Week, which starts today and will end on January 12th.

To help communicate the cause, a NBA/WNBA Fit Team has been recruited to promote healthy living at events and programs around the country. The team is made up of players, coaches, officials, trainers and other health experts who reach out to kids and parents.


Health begins at night

As each day of the life of my two year-old daughter has gone by, I become more convinced that sleep is a number one, maybe number two mandate for leading a healthy and functional life. Anyone who has survived on just an hour or two of sleep quickly realizes why sleep is often used as a form of torture. Our need for sleep clearly diminishes with age: newborns need 16-20 hours of sleep per day while adults require about eight. Nonetheless, we all need it and for most of us, we could all benefit from more of it.

Easier said than accomplished, right? This weekend, or the next opportunity you have to sleep in, allow yourself the deserved pleasure of sleeping in until your body naturally awakens. Then assess your sense of wakefulness. If you feel like you could sleep more (and hopefully your household responsibilities allow you to), then sleep more. Your body probably needs it.

Want to Add 14 Years to Your Life?

There are many roads that lead to the same destination of optimal health. But it can be boiled down to these basic elements of your lifestyle.