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5 Summer Workout Dos and Don’ts

The first day of summer has come and gone and now we’re on the brink of a fast-approaching heat wave. But for health enthusiasts, intense heat doesn’t put a damper on their fitness routines as they eagerly seek new ways to adapt their outdoor routines to warmer weather.

There are many risks involved with intense heat, including sunburn, dehydration and heat exhaustion, just to name a few. So before diving in head first, it’s important to consider how to be proactive about safety to ensure we’re protected whether we’re out for a 10-mile run or just a leisurely stroll.

To get some insight on the subject, we called on DietsInReview.com’s own running expert Lacy Hansen. Lacy seems to be outdoors more often than in as she clocks close to 30-40 miles on any given week. Needless to say, she knows a thing or two about running safely outdoors. (more…)

Summer Heat Dangerous for Diabetics

Warmer weather is here, and scorching weather is probably just around the corner. Unfortunately, this will pose a danger that most diabetics will not be prepared for.

If you suffer from diabetes, you are mainly concerned with what you eat and drink. But the weather could be an enemy as well. According to a new Mayo Clinic survey, diabetes not only raises the chances of heat illness, but many diabetics don’t know how to reduce their risk.


Summer Fitness Tips: How to Beat the Heat

Dehydration is a huge issue during the exercise process. The human body uses sweat as a natural way to cool itself, which in turn depletes the muscles, organs, and other parts of the body’s water storage. It is recommended that you drink eight, eight ounce glasses of water per day (64 ounces). For those who are actively exercising or on the go the entire day, your body needs way more than that. Honestly, a person who exercises for an hour or more needs to be getting at least 90 ounces a day. Every body is different, so pay attention to your body and the color of your urine.