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Heather Toone’s Power of ONE Offers a Holistic Approach to Health

I recently spoke with Heather Toone about her new health program Power of ONE. Heather’s Power of ONE program is an interactive, online group coaching class that will help you eat better, lose weight and improve your relationships. Heather’s new program takes on a holistic approach to health and will help you see results with weight loss while also helping you make lifelong changes one day at a time.

The premise behind the Power of ONE is for you to take one small action towards positive changes. You make these small changes daily and they build upon each other. “My goal is to empower participants to create, with intention, the life they want,” Heather said. “So the daily effort may be something as little as waking up in the morning and listening to a positive affirmation, or something bigger – like trying a new food or recipe, or participating in a new exercise.”