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Meet and Greet the Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Casting Directors Before the 13 City Casting Tour Begins

ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition hits the road this April for a live casting call tour in 13 cities nationwide. It’s an exciting opportunity to be on one of the most popular weight loss reality shows, but more importantly to change your health and life with the help of leading experts.


You’ll have an exclusive opportunity to meet the casting directors for the show and win a front of the line pass to the casting call of your choice during our G+ Hangout on April 2 at 8:00p EST. We’re hosting this event with Holland Weathers and Brandon Nickens, as well as season two success Jacqui McCoy. There are five open seats and we want to put you in one! GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED!

At the live casting calls, you’ll meet one-on-one with casting agents, interviews that could land you one of a few coveted spots on the show’s fourth season. Unlike other reality weight loss shows, Extreme Makeover is not competition based and follows an individual’s journey from start to finish for 365 days under the direction of trainer Chris Powell. (more…)

Biggest Loser Season 14 Casting Tour Starts June 16

At the end of Biggest Loser’s most recent season rumors abounded over whether or not the show would return. Lackluster at best, even the most loyal and die-hard of Loser fans were jumping off the boat after a poor season 13. The performance of the show was called in to question when, after years of airing two-hour episodes, the show switched to a one-hour format. Even the live finale was only an hour, and viewers noticed when no mention was made of a next season, which is typically teased.

While the show will not return for a fall 2023 season it looks like it is set to be back on the air in January 2023, as the Biggest Loser casting team hits the road this summer to find the faces of season 14.

Just yesterday the BL14 Casting Team announced the tour dates and cities, which is much more brief than usual, with five dates and 13 cities (schedule posted below). Hopefuls can meet one-on-one with the casting team, where they have moments to bring their story and personality to life.

“If you are considering auditioning but are on the fence, we say GO FOR IT!,” said Holland Weathers, casting director for Biggest Loser, in an email to DietsInReview.com. “EVERY SINGLE CONTESTANT that has ever been on the show was on the fence at one point and never thought we would pick them…now here they are living the new and healthy life they always dreamed of!” (more…)

Biggest Loser Casting Tips with Holland Striplin

With casting now open for Biggest Loser 11, everyone wants to know what they can do to make it all the way to the ranch. There’s no one better to get those answers from than Holland Striplin. She’s been the casting director for Biggest Loser since season five.

You can currently submit a home video and application for season 11, or meet Holland and her casting crew in a number of cities across the U.S. (tour schedule is pending).

If you’ve got at least 100 pounds to lose, then see what Holland says about taking your chance to be cast on Biggest Loser.

What should people bring to a biggest loser audition? What shouldn’t they bring?
They should bring a non-returnable photo with them. We will have much shorter applications for them to fill out so they do not need the one printed off of our website. If they move forward in the process then we will have them fill that one out later. They should be ready to show their true personalities and tell us their opinions. They could possibly be waiting in line for a while so they need to be prepared by bringing healthy snacks, sunblock, a chair to sit in and plenty of water.


Fish: A Smart Choice

Can eating fish make you smarter? It’s not a new hypothesis, but there are three new studies that continue to support this brain-boosting theory.

Studies from Norway, Holland, and New Zealand support that the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids in fish may improve cognitive performance. Even though the evidence is not absolutely conclusive that you will be smarter, it’s still smart to eat fish for its other health benefits, particularly its being a great lean protein source.