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Holly Madison’s NV Rapid Weight Loss Pill Warrants Caution by Unhealthy Consumers

Holly Madison, former Playboy Bunny and ex-girlfriend to Hugh Hefner, walks up to a retail store counter, drops her drawers, and says she needs a pair of jeans in a smaller size. She’s promoting a diet pill called NV Rapid Weight Loss that claims you can drop a jeans size in two weeks.

Most of the ingredients have antioxidant properties such as mangosteen, pomegranate and bilberry. Antioxidants can help slow down the aging process. Other supplements included in NV like turmeric interact with blood thinners, while Goji interacts with blood pressure and diabetes medications. If you take any of these medications you are at risk of having a hypoglycemic episode, low blood pressure, and risk of bleeding that won’t stop. Cranberry is also included in NV but is most commonly used to help prevent urinary tract infections. Goji and pomegranate can lower blood pressure, which might be why they are included in the product. They may negate the increase in blood pressure that the caffeine could possibly cause. (more…)