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Jake Gyllenhaal Loves the Farmer’s Market

Jake GyllenhallWe love hearing about celebrities who eat sensible, healthy diets, and we love it even more when we find out that they prepare these meals for themselves. Not only did Jake Gyllenhaal recently discuss his love of cooking, he also revealed that he’s a patron of local foods.

“I’ve always loved cooking, probably because my father and mother always cooked,” he said. Gyllenhaal also collects old cookbooks, to inspire new dishes. “I have a massive section in my library at home of beautiful old cook books. I really have a strange obsession with them.”


How Jake Gyllenhaal Got Fit for ‘Prince of Persia’

Most news related to an actors’ looks as it relates to a role they are taking on has to do with them gaining or losing weight to fit the character. But occasionally you get an actor who gets buff for their role. The most notable fitness transformation on the big screen right now is Jake Gyllenhaal in his role in “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.” And, what sword-and-sandal male lead isn’t cut out of stone anyway? So, the pressure was on to live up to the genre standards.

But, in an interview with Moviefone, Gyllenhaal downplays the difficulty of his physical transformation.

“There was nothing hard about it, man, I was paid to get in shape,” he said.