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The Master Cleanse is Nothing More than a Dangerous Fad

America’s obsession with rapid weight loss regimens has produced yet another unnatural diet. The glamorously titled “master cleanse” is a trending diet among celebrities and those who want to succeed in weight loss without really trying. The master cleanse is a 10-day fast wherein the only thing you ingest is a concoction made of warm water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup, and it’s extremely unhealthy. Sounds pretty awful, but Beyonce and Gwyneth did it, so why can’t you?

master cleanse

The cleanse begins each day with a “salt water flush,” which can accurately be described as slamming a glass of salt water while trying not to puke. The lemon juice cocktail is designed to rid the body of harmful toxins so you can start fresh after the cleanse. While a liquid diet is almost guaranteed to help you lose weight fast, it’s the wrong kind of weight. The body will shed muscle mass and water weight, but fat remains.

Starvation also does funny things to the body. Severely reducing your caloric intake can make you impatient, dizzy, moody, and less focused. It can lead to insomnia, skin breakouts, bizarre behavior, and in some cases, shrink your heart volume. After a period of starvation, it takes a long time for your brain and your body to get along again. People coming down from a fast have a hard time satisfying their appetite, and binge eat because of it. One study found that men who had fasted gained back an additional 10% of their body weight after a fast. (more…)

The Most Extreme Celebrity Weight Losses and Gains

Some actors take extreme measures when preparing for future roles. And that includes gaining or losing significant amounts of weight. Sometimes it’s cosmetic, while other times the actor takes it to dangerous levels. Here are some of the more notable examples:

Manipulating weight on a dramatic level famously began with Robert DeNiro in his role as Jake LaMotta in the 1980 film Raging Bull. During the fight scenes, DeNiro was in tip-top shape; cut out of granite. But for his scenes as the washed up pugilist, DeNiro packed on a whopping 60 pounds. According to the Internet Movie Database, the weight gain was a record for the time. It was later topped by Vincent D’Onofrio who gained 70 pounds for his role as private Pyle in Stanley Kubrick’s haunting Vietnam war picture, Full Metal Jacket.

According to director Martin Scorsese, the film’s production was closed down for about four months, allowing DeNiro to binge on carb-loaded Italian food. It made for an amazing transformation for the film’s final scenes.

Once the acting legend Robert DeNiro set the bar so high for fully committing to a movie role, Oscar hopefuls lined up to show what they were made of.

renee zellwegger dietRenee Zellweger is probably the most famous actress to make a point of dramatically transforming her body. She did it twice for two installments of the Bridget Jones films. Zellweger is normally a slim size six, but for the films she transformed into a size 14. (more…)