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Small Goals Keep Jennifer’s True Weight Loss Story on Track

The most recent goal Jennifer had in her weight loss journey was to get down to the weight printed on her driver’s license. In the past month, she accomplished that. She’s now three pounds under her license weight and says “I really need to go get a new driver’s license.”

She’s doing a lot of things right in her weight loss, which we’ve been following since summer. For one, she’s not on a diet. She’s establishing healthy habits that are helping her achieve one goal at a time (which is one of the healthiest habits of all when losing weight). Setting small, manageable goals helps you enjoy achievement all along the way, rather than feeling like you’re pursuing something that, for many, will takes months and even years to achieve.

Since the start of her journey in February of this year, Jennifer is down a total of 44 pounds, currently weighing in at 257 pounds. She’s down from a size 26 to a size 22 and has bought a few new clothes. She admits to still ordering things online, but is pleased with how they definitely fit when they arrive.

She’s also celebrating what she called a breakthrough this past month. “I did spiderman planks!,” Jennifer bragged. “It’s a big deal to me!” She talked about not being able to do them at all before and now she can hold one for 20 seconds. (more…)

Jillian Michaels is a “Light Workout Day” in Jennifer’s Weight Loss Journey

“I’ve dropped 7 points off my BMI,” was a recent tweet posted by Jennifer S. That’s quite an accomplishment, considering in February this year, she, standing at just over five-feet tall, weighed 301 pounds. As of last week, she’s down to 265 pounds!

We introduced Jennifer last month as she took her weight loss plans from just-getting-started to hitting-it-hard. We armed her with Jillian Michaels’ BodyMedia arm band and her new Body Revolution 12-DVD series, as well as plenty of her own determination. We’re pleased to hear she’s doing so well.

“I’m trying to keep it positive most of the time,” she told us about her journey so far. It can be a struggle when you have more than 100 pounds to lose, but with the right kind of attitude it can be a healthy adventure.

She’s still using Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution at levels one and two. She says you’re supposed to go up a level every two weeks, but she’s just not comfortable making that transition yet.

“It’s not geared toward someone in the obese category or with my knee problems,” Jennifer said of the DVD. She likes the workouts, tweets about how intense they are, but is also smart enough to listen to her body and not push herself to the danger zone (she had a partial knee replacement in June and has been cleared to workout by her doctor). She laughs telling us that she uses the Jillian DVDs for her “light days” on Wednesday and Sunday. “If you can imagine!” (more…)

The Beginning of this True Weight Loss Story Starts with BodyMedia and Jillian Michaels

We love sharing true weight loss stories, and do so as often as we can. Each one is truly inspiring and can always connect with so many of us on so many different levels. It’s hard not to see ourselves in the faces, trials, and successes of each of these individuals.

It’s not often, though, that we get to catch a weight loss story in the act, and we’re excited to do that with Jennifer S. from Wichita, KS. I met Jennifer earlier this year and, like most people, was instantly drawn to her larger than life charisma and personality. Not long after we met, I started seeing her posts on Twitter mention how many calories she’d had in a meal or photos of slimmed down meals. She was trying to lose weight, and going about it in a healthy way.

“I just started eating differently,” she said. With that, her weight loss journey begun at 301 pounds this past February. Today, she’s down 30 pounds weighing in at 270 pounds. As for a goal on the scale, she doesn’t have one. Her attitude there is pretty balanced.

“I just want to be able to be active and play in league sports (like I did in high school) if I want to,” she told me. Jennifer is also looking forward to getting off of her meds for high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

When I learned of Jennifer’s weight loss goals this past spring, I knew I wanted to support and champion her journey. But I knew my Tweets would only go so far. That’s when I decided to do something that would help both of us out!

We received Jillian Michaels’ BodyMedia arm band and her new Body Revolution 12-DVD series. I decided to put both of those tools to a true test and invited Jennifer to try them, provided she shared her progress and opinions with us. And that’s what she’s doing! (more…)