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John Thompson’s 202 Pound Weight Loss Started with Brown Rice and Ended at a Half Marathon Finish Line

“I used to think I’d feel like I’m done,” John Thompson recently told me about weight loss. “Now I realize it’s just another achievement in moving forward in my life.”

That achievement is the 202 pounds lost that he realized last month!

We first introduced you to John in January of this year, when he’d lost 155 pounds. He told us then his journey wasn’t over and that he expected to hit the 200 pound mark by the end of summer. Let this man buy your lottery tickets, folks, because he was right! For John, 200 pounds wasn’t an arbitrary goal, 200 pounds would put him at half his starting weight. That’s no small feat, but one he took on one small change at a time.

The biggest take away from John’s original weight loss story was how he made one small change at a time until suddenly they had all added up in to big results and new habits. His entire 202 pound weight loss journey began with a grain of rice when he made the decision to start preparing or ordering brown rice as opposed to French fries or other nutritionally void foods. That one-thing-at-a-time mentality carries John through his healthy new lifestyle today.

“I watch what I eat, how much I eat, and that still carries over today,” he told me. “I’ve thought about fast food and I feel guilty. I couldn’t make myself stop now.” Proof of the monumental changes he’s made.

Before John’s journey two years ago, he smoked, drank, never exercised, and didn’t eat well at all. That’s a very distant version of himself now. “Living that way, I didn’t know how bad things were,” he said. He descried his physical and mental condition, which included bad knees, poor sleep (he believes he had sleep apnea), constant heartburn, headaches, and bothersome allergies. He described how his weight was hard on furniture – a broken recliner in his living room as evidence. As well, the springs in his truck seat are blown out – more evidence of a skin he’s worked hard to shed.

“I feel amazing. I can’t stress the quality of life, it’s so much different,” he proudly noted. Today, all of those symptoms are gone, the allergies aren’t a bother any more, and he said he simply does not get sick. (more…)