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Summer is Ideal for Family Fitness

Julie Marsh is a guest blogger for the DietsInReview.com special series on Healthy Summer Kids. Julie is a mom of three in suburban Denver who combines her love of swimming, biking, and running by competing in sprint triathlons.You can see more of Julie at CoolMomPicks.com. family bike ride

I’m dedicated to setting a healthy example for my kids.  We don’t talk about weight or size or wearing a bikini (because heaven knows that’s never happening again no matter how many triathlons I finish).  Instead, we talk about getting some fresh air and having fun.

When my husband and I pay for a babysitter so that we can wake up at the crack of dawn on a holiday and run a 10K, we’re doing it not just because it feeds our own love of competition and our own goals for health and wellness; we’re doing it because we want our kids to see that we genuinely enjoy challenging ourselves. Summer is an ideal time to get into this sort of family routine.  The weather is perfect for outside activity. (more…)