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Biggest Loser Kelly

Kelly is one of the last remaining women in Biggest Loser Couples. She started out as theBiggest Loser Kelly heaviest woman at the first weigh-in, but wasted no time trimming and down and shaping up. She entered with one of the most interesting relationships of the couples- partnered with her ex-husband Paul. Always doubting herself, it seemed to increase after Paul’s elimination. None of it has slowed her down and as she continues to remain amongst the six finalists, she gets tougher each week.

Name Kelly Fields

Starting Weight 271 lb.

Week 12 Weight 199 lb.

Height 5’6″

Age 38

Hometown Titusville, FL

Occupation Nurse

Biggest Loser Couples teammate Paul

Original Team Color Yellow

Trainer Jillian

Alliances Kelly’s probably looking out for number one at this point. She was very tight with the black team prior to its demise. Ali is really her only teammate, but even Ali isn’t taking sides with anyone.Biggest Loser Kelly and Paul

Kelly-isms Always second-guessing herself and very doubtful. (But she is one of two women left standing- you rock, Kel!) Has a kind word for everyone, all the time. The little engine that could- frequently hear her say “I can do this!”.

Our Favorite Moment(s)
– Her super-hot makeover
– Finding out she’d lost enough weight to be healthy enough to have a baby
– When she and Paul battled against all the other teams and beat them in episode 4

Other spellings: Kelli, Kellie, Kely, Biggest Loser Kelly, Kelly Biggest Loser, Biggest Loser Yellow Team