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Orthorexia: Is This Eating Disorder Trend or Foe?

Leslie P. Schilling, MA, RD, CSSD owns Schilling Nutrition Therapy, LLC in Memphis, TN where she specializes in disordered eating and sports nutrition. She provides nutrition programs and presentations to teams and professionals across the nation.

In a nation full of people stricken with chronic diseases, many linked to lifestyle choices, why would we worry about those engrossed with healthy eating?  You may have heard the term “orthorexia” in the media and even in conversation. Orthorexia nervosa was first termed by Steven Bratman, MD in 1996 and published in Yoga Journal in 1997. A dissection of the phrase translates to straight or correct (Ortho), desire or appetite (-orexia) and obsession (Nervosa). Bratman suggests that the term wasn’t one so much of clinical meaning as it was a way of teasing his patients with an unhealthy fixation on their way of “healthy eating.” But, has it become our newest eating disorder? (more…)