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Biggest Loser Reunion with 30 Contestants in Thanksgiving Where Are They Now Special

Whatever happened to your favorite Biggest Loser contestants? Well, wonder no more as this Thanksgiving Biggest Loser will air a two-hour special taking in to the private lives of many of the show’s alumni. More than 30 contestants will appear on “Where Are They Now” to show you how their weight loss has changed their lives and how they look today.

Growing as popular for its love stories as it has for its weight loss success stories, you’ll get to watch the romantic proposal of season 9’s Sam and Stephanie, who recently visited the brand new Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu with Daris George. Not only that, but get access to the recent Lake Tahoe wedding of season 5 at-home winner Bernie Salazar to Jennifer, the cousin of his teammate Brittany Aberle.

You’ll see that these Losers really do walk the walk when it comes to fitness, as 50 of them meet to take on the San Francisco Triathlon, which took place this past summer. Representatives from every season since 2 participated, including Tara Costa, Ed Brantley and Brady and Vicky Vilcan. Plus, see pretty-in-pink Ali Vincent and Sherry Johnston appear at the Biggest Loser 5K event in Myrtle Beach, powered by the slogan “Don’t compete…just complete.” (more…)

Interview with Biggest Loser’s Jerry Skeabeck

If you are looking for the interview with week 4 eliminee, Ed Brantley, please click here.

Listen below for audio interview with Biggest Loser’s Jerry Skeabeck. To start the audio simply click the pink play button.

He became the victim of one of Biggest Loser: Families‘ first real twists of the season. Ali announced that only one team would fall below the yellow line, and that the elimination would have to take place between the family and send only one person home. jerry skeabeckWith Jerry Skeabeck‘s two-pound weight gain during his Week 3 weigh-in, he and daughter Coleen fell below that dreaded line. It quickly turned into one of the most emotional eliminations ever, comparable of that from season five with brothers Mark and Jay Kruger.

Jerry said it was just as difficult to go through as it was for us at home to watch, and they really did give it some serious thought as to which one of them would leave. He explained that his daughter was “hell-bent” on him staying there. Ultimately, they decided to send Jerry back to Cleveland, home of his beloved Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Indians. After his follow-up segment at the end of Biggest Loser last night, there’s no doubt that he’s making his daughter very proud, and will likely be around to walk her down the aisle just as she’d hoped. (more…)

Biggest Loser Meal Plan

This season, Biggest Loser introduced its own meal delivery program. Meal delivery from Medifast, NutriSystem and dozens of other large and small companies have been a popular method of weight loss for years.  It’s now one more way you can gain the benefits of Biggest Loser insight in your home to positively effect your own weight loss efforts.

Partnering with long-standing and popular meal delivery service, Bistro M.D., the Biggest Loser Meal Plan offers a delicious variety of meals, controlled portions with reduced calories, fat and sugar. Just like Bistro M.D. meals, the menu is created by gourmet chefs and a team of doctors and nutritionists. In the case of the Biggest Loser Meal Plan, the show’s doctors influenced the diet to resemble that of the contestants.

In Episode 15 of the Biggest Loser, Mark Kruger won the final challenge and in so doing, won a free Biggest Loser Meal Plan service.  I asked Mark about it and he had this to say-

“It has a direct effect on my positive weight loss! Without BistroMD.com I could not have achieved the weight loss at home that I have. This plan is part of my success!” That is the truth never mind the fact that it is all incredibly tasty and well put together. I love the fact that the nutrition information is with the package and easy to read. Because of that I know exactly where my calories are with every meal. That makes calorie watching very easy and convenient I love this plan and it will be part of my life maintenance plan and weight control life style. I love BistroMD.com and would recommend it to everyone who is serious about a life style change.”

Learn more with the Biggest Loser Meal Plan review, or you can start right now. This would be a great compliment to those members of the Biggest Loser Club.

Interview with Biggest Loser’s Roger Schultz

Biggest Loser wrapped its final on-campus episode last night with a dramatic twist, and a first for Biggest Loser. America will vote for the third finalist. This was news that Roger Schultz and Mark Kruger weren’t expecting when they fell below the yellow line. I spoke with Roger this afternoon to hear his thoughts on the voting twist. He’s hopeful America will side with him- and says he could use the winnings now that he’s without a job. Roger was really fun to speak with. For a moment, it feels as though that deep Southern accent could be contagious! This lovable family man is enjoying this new life and anxious, just as we are, for next week’s finale.

Listen to the Audio here or read the transcript below.

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Roger Biggest LoserHow do you feel about the America Votes twist?
I think it’s great. Being a fan of the show and seeing this- I think it’s great to get them involved. Especially because I was going to go home.You’re 100% certain you would have gone home?
Oh heck yeah! Are you kidding me? I knew I was going home. That’s why I turned and congratulated Mark- I said “Mark, Congratulations- you made the finals.” I knew the whole time I was on the show if I ever dropped below that yellow line I was headed to the house. That was what I was expecting.

If you didn’t walk away knowing you were going to the finale last night, you did walk away with a brand new Biggest Loser house record. You lost 144 pounds on the ranch. That’s a person Roger!

Yes it is. My wife only ways 129. I was teasing someone and said I lost my wife. They said “Oh no! What happened?” I said “Figuratively speaking, I lost my wife.”How do you feel?
I feel great, I feel wonderful. Still getting used to it because I still think like a fat person. You evaluate a room, look to see if you’re gonna break a chair or where you can sit. Or when I go shopping I still have a hard time- I just get the XXL shirt and go “Oh crap, this isn’t going to fit.” I have to get a large. I’m a 34 in jeans- I was a 54.

Seeing last night the videos and cardboard cut-out from 15 weeks ago, it was hard to believe. Almost like seeing someone in makeup.

I had a fat suit on I thought. It’s so weird. You go through the process. We had one little mirror in our bathroom, but you don’t get to see the whole… Everyone is going along losing weight and you just don’t grasp it. I’ve talked to people right in their face, and they not even know who I am and they’re friends.

How are you doing in the kitchen now that you’re home. You didn’t hesitate to let everyone know you’re not a cook. Have you picked some things up in the kitchen?
I cook for my wife all the time now that I’m a house husband. It’s really simple and amazing how quick and easy it is to cook healthy foods fast. It’s so corny and I’m not trying to do a product placement- but Ziploc bags are the greatest things ever. I cut vegetables and put servings in each of these ZIploc bags. Even when I do my chips and things like that- I put exactly one serving in a little snack pack and just have them- so I know what I’m eating and I’m not guessing and don’t keep reaching in the bag.

You said a second ago that you’re a house husband- what’s the story there?
Well, I got back from the show when it wrapped. About a week later my job fired me. America they fired me! I really need the money! I could use it.

Being on Biggest Loser, what are you taking away as your favorite memory and taking away as your least memorable moment?
I guess the, obviously the most memorable would be losing the most weight on campus, the 144 pounds. And the relationship I have with Bob. The friendship we developed I think is pretty strong. Outside of training- just the friendship. He stated it and I feel the same way- I’m the brother he never had. I think my relationship with Bob is something I cherish. Can’t really say anything bad about it- it was all good.

You’re still working out at home getting ready for Tuesday?
Yes I am!

Roger, DietsInReview thanks you for taking the time to visit with us today. Good luck next week!

Lend your support to Roger by voting now at NBC, and get the behind-the-scenes scoop about the vote from Bob and Jillian.

Biggest Loser Mark

Biggest Loser Mark

When the Biggest Loser Couples began its season, Mark Kruger was pinned as the campus bully. He was tough, competitive and took no guff from anyone, including his teammate brother or the show’s host. Orange team’s Jackie became an immediate adversary and it wasn’t until she was eliminated that we started to see that Mark could be a nice guy. His return to Biggest Loser campus in Week 11, following his own elimination, has introduced a completely different competitor, and one that fans are falling for.

Name Mark Kruger

Starting Weight 285 lb.

Week 12 Weight 185 lb.

Height 5’10”

Age 35

Hometown Dartmouth, MA

Occupation Aerial Devise Sales Rep

Biggest Loser Couples teammate Jay

Original Team Color Black

Trainer Bob

Biggest Loser Mark and Jay
Jay is more than Mark’s younger brother, he’s the best friend he has on campus. Mark would bend over backward to protect Jay and keep from leaving campus. With the return of Ali, she could very quickly become one of his number one allies.

Mark-isms Saying ‘Mark’ with a hard-r sound seems out of place. His thick Boston accent lends itself more to a “Mahhhk.” He’s head-over-heels in love with his wife and children and sees being on Biggest Loser as an opportunity to live a healthier life for them.

Our Favorite Moment(s)
– Reacting to host Alison’s dramatic challenge play-by-play, telling her “this isn’t a soap opera”
– His return to campus after elimination
– He’s five pounds away from matching Bob Harper’s weight

Other spellings: Marc, Marck, Biggest Loser Marc, Marc Biggest Loser, Biggest Loser Black Team