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We Love Quorn’s New Vegetarian Burgers

Quorn, the top-selling frozen meat-free natural food brand, introduced two new burgers- the Classic Burgers and Cheese Burgers- to their expanding line of meat-free eats.

Just like all Quorn products, these vegetarian burgers are made with mycoprotein, a blend of antioxidant-rich and protein-packed fungi. Mycoprotein is also completely soy-free and contains all nine essential amino acids. While it may sound a bit strange to eat a veggie burger made out of different kinds of fungi, keep in mind that because of their meaty texture, mushrooms, especially portabellos, make great alternatives to beef or poultry. In fact, singer Carrie Underwood, a longtime vegetarian, regularly eats Quorn’s cutlets as a meat-free, healthy and low-calorie protein source. (more…)

Buffalo Beats Beef When Choosing Healthy Meat

My name is Theresa and I am a beefaholic.

I love cheeseburgers, steaks, prime rib and plain old ground beef with rice. The strange part about this is that I used to be completely appalled by it. Slaughtered cows that are fed hormones and steroids, breed disease and systematically pump fat into my diet did not sound like a good idea. Besides the fact that I didn’t enjoy the taste of red meat, I was completely grossed-out by the thought of eating it. I did eat chicken, eggs and seafood on occasion, but I largely led a vegetarian lifestyle. I guess I would have called myself a selective vegetarian.

My view on meat changed about 4 years ago where I became obsessed. Give me a cheeseburger and watch me lose myself in ecstasy. Okay, maybe it’s not that dramatic, but seriously, for a girl that hated meat, I’m talking about drastic change. Regardless of the fact that I developed a taste for red meat, I still understood the nutritional drawbacks of having it in my diet. Thank goodness someone told me about buffalo meat! (more…)

Quorn: A Delicious Protein-Packed and Low-Carb Meat Alternative

When most of us non-vegetarians think of tofu hot dogs, meat-free turkey and fakin’ bacon, we conjure up images of odd food items that may look like the real meat deal but taste far from it. But as any vegetarian or anyone who has dabbled in veg-eating can tell you, the world of veggie burgers has undergone quite a makeover in recent years largely in part to the growing popularity of vegetarianism.


Quorn Foods are one of the lesser known meat-free alternatives, in comparison to Boca Burgers and Morning Star veggie sausage patties. This England-based company has created a line of meat-free products that boast a nutritional profile and taste-factor that rivals any best-selling veggie burger. (more…)