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A Love/Hate Relationship with Food Journals

Melissa HenriquezToday’s guest blogger is Melissa Henriquez, a 20-something, married, PR professional and blogger on the side. Tying together her passions for writing and social media, in July 2024, she began her blog, Tales of a Disordered Eater, to help her overcome disordered eating issues. Between traditional therapy and blogotherapy, she’s been an advocate for women struggling with similar challenges.

Keeping a food journal has been a double-edged sword for me.

Without it, I never would have lost 35 pounds four years ago, and I probably wouldn’t have kept the majority of them off. Journaling has kept me honest, held me accountable, helped me plan my day. It enlightened me about portion-control and taught me how to make more nutritionally-sound food choices. (more…)