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MizFitOnline Gets New Look, Keeps Mindful Living Focus

We love the insights shared by Carla Birnberg, our longtime friend behind the blog MizFitOnline.com. But if you’ve visited her site in the last week you’ve probably noticed that something seems… different. Her awesome writing about fitness, life, transformation, and inspiration is still there, but the site has a new design, a new logo, and for lack of a better word, a “softer” feel. The tagline of the site has changed to “Unapologetically Myself ” from “Fitness isn’t just about fitting in”, and a glance at the homepage reveals that Carla’s name is front and center while her MizFit skull and crossbones is a little more background.

Miz fit

What gives?

According to Birnberg, her blogging persona had outgrown her original branding.


Bloggers Expose Themselves Revealing the Naked Truth of a Healthy Body Image

Throughout the week of October 7-12 there have been quite a few bloggers exposing themselves online. Before your mind wanders to any dark places, let me clarify exactly what exposing means in this case. I’m talking about the Exposed Movement, which was started by a blogger named Mish back in 2024. Mish got the idea for the Exposed Movement after deciding that she was tired of hating the way she looked and wanted to instead celebrate her body and all that it has done for her. She forced herself to see her own body in a different light and focused on its strengths rather than scrutinizing every little imperfection.


What happened next was a revolution of sorts. Men and women started coming out of the woodwork to take part in the Exposed Movement. One by one bloggers began posting photos of themselves at their most vulnerable (which was often in a bikini or underwear) in order to put it all out there. Rather than focusing on their flaws, each blogger wrote about what they love and appreciate about their own body. Here’s a few of the bloggers that took part in the movement in 2024, 2024 and again in 2024.

mizfit exposed

Carla, Miz Fit Online

Prior to taking part in the Exposed Movement in 2024, Carla had a little hesitation about how others would view her body. She feared that many would view her as “already fit” and it may lessen the impact of her appreciation for what her body can do. By exposing herself Carla focused on what she is most thankful for in regards to her body, which includes her eyes, brain, legs and overall health. She learned that if she gives her body the nourishment it wants, it will be good to her in return.

Four years later, Carla is very much the same person but admits that she is older and wiser. By revisiting the movement four years later she was reminded that yes, she wants to be an active mom who stays fit and healthy – but her most important and exposing traits are in her words. (more…)

Best of Fitbloggin 2024: Recap and Swag Bag Giveaway

My lunch on Friday, June 28 was the best I’ve had in a while. A roasted chicken sandwich with a basil aioli, lots of fresh veggies, and a table surrounded by new and old friends – it was exactly what high noon at Fitbloggin’ is supposed to look like. I was three meals in to this year’s conference when I could whole-heartedly say it was the best food that had ever been served at this event. And then, the noon hour entertainment pushed beyond anything we’ve seen at Fitbloggin’ before.

mizfit fitbloggin fashion show

I’d seen a fashion show on the schedule and admittedly balked. By the time the third person stepped on to the catwalk I was fighting back tears. I tweeted out that what was happening in that room was redefining strength and beauty. Organized by Emily Ho Sandford, women of every body shape and size graced the stage to rousing applause, often bearing nothing more than a bra and workout pants. They donned wares by Handful, Enell, and Reebok and showed that what was on the outside hardly defined what was on the inside.

If that fashion show didn’t set the tone for the weekend, I don’t know what would have.

It was the conference’s fourth year and proudly our fourth to be involved. This year, a special scavenger hunt with a hot prize awaited the more than 200 attendees. Every goodie bag had one of our token blue cowbells stuffed inside. But hidden around the conference center were five golden cowbells earning the recipient a seat at an upcoming Google+ Hangout with Biggest Loser’s Dolvett Quince. One winner announced she’d have to leave her husband, another was on the verge of tears, and all seemed to be on the cusp of exciting new detective careers!

dolvett dietsinreview cowbell (more…)

Fitness Tips for Busy Moms by MizFit Online

mizfitI’ve been a follower of MizFit Online for years. I am constantly inspired and amazed at all she accomplishes and how she motivates women everywhere to get in exercise. I recently attended the Blissdom conference and I was lucky enough to be able to grab MizFit for a quick interview.

Here she is discussing how, no matter how busy we might be, there are ways to get in the exercise. Listen as she discusses the rule of “10-10-10,” how to be creative while fitting in exercise, and the concept of NEAT – Non Exercise Activity Thermogenisis.


Guest Blog: Preventing Freshman 15 in a S.N.A.P.

Carla Birnberg, MizFit, educates (and entertains) the masses with no-frills exercise tips, trend-alerts and real-world lifestyle design. You can find her musings daily at www.MizFitonline.com. miz fitCarla Nirnberg

Freshman fifteen.  Chances are you need no further definition to know precisely what I’m referring to.

Most people fall into one of two categories with regards to these additional pounds: those who gain the weight and become frustrated or depressed and those who don’t, but spend far too many hours exercising or food-obsessing in an effort not to and, as a result, miss out on fun freshman experiences.

I’m here to offer you a middle ground.  To make the suggestion that you may, in fact, gain a few pounds this first year away, but that it needn’t be the horrifying (tongue firmly planted in cheek here, People) experience you imagine.

Me? I gained my freshman fifteen and another person’s as well.  Thirty pounds heavier I found I was merely surprised at my new fluffy midsection.  Why wasn’t I depressed?  The bulk (pun intended) of my gain happened while enjoying college life.  The constantly available food, late night hangout sessions, and new tome beer drinking all quickly padded my frame.  Yet, while I did decide to shed this weight, it’s worth noting, again, how it was gained.  I was having fun.  I subsequently learned tips which will save you bulking as I did, but I believed then *and* now that embracing my college experience was entirely worth a few additional curves. I still tell freshmen they have the rest of their lives to fret about weight should they choose, but only one college experience.  In my opinion, it’s too precious a time to waste focusing on exercise and calories to the exclusion of living.

 college pizza party

What do I wish someone had told me?  S.N.A.P.

This acronym is the key to preventing the freshman fifteen yet not being relegated to plain salads, water, and the treadmill ten months out of the year.

S. Six small meals a day. This will increase energy, boost metabolism, and lessen cravings.  The meals don’t need to be fancy (a few slices of low fat cheese & a piece of fruit.  A cup of Cheerios & some milk) or large (300 or so calories per meal) but they’ll keep your blood sugar levels even so you won’t become crazy-hungry and grab the nearest available food-option.

N. No mindless eating.  Easier said than done, but a habit to try and avoid starting.  Campus dining halls are social places and it’s easy to consume extra calories when chatting there with friends.  Try to be aware of what you put in your mouth (notice I did not say calorie count).

A. Assess your options.  Whether making food in an apartment or a communal setting, assess your options before making a selection.  Mix & match offerings and get creative with your meal. Is dinner chicken, corn and mashed potatoes?  Is there a salad bar available?  Think outside the box: slice the chicken, plop it on some lettuce and make that your meal.  There are healthy options everywhere if you look for them!

P. Plan ahead.  As with all things, fitness and life planning will set you up for success.  On the go for hours? Bring a healthy snack along  (look here for some ideas).  Planning a festive dinner out with friends?  Perhaps eat lightly (but eat!) during the day.   Plan activity into your day, too.  Anything from joining an athletic team to walking with a study partner burns extra calories and keeps your metabolism elevated.  As with your eating, get creative with finding your exercise time.

Most important?  Have fun.  It’s amazing how, when you’re enjoying yourself, things really will fall into place in a S.N.A.P.

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