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Technology and Style Bring Biking to a Whole New Level

The Pi Mobility PiCycle Sport Touring Bike

by Kelsey Murray

Long gone are the days when your bicycle was simply a way to get from point A to point B, or to get a little exercise in. There are many different styles of bikes: road, racing, mountain, commuter, and electric to name a few. Now, these many different styles of bikes are also getting a complete makeover. Check out some of the most creative – and functional – new bicycles to hit the road.

Pi Mobility PiCycle Sport Touring. This is an electric/manual model that has fantastic features, such as an anti-theft electronic feature to keep your bike from being stolen while you are not riding it. The design for this bike was originally created 20 years ago by an art student at Pasadena Art Center, Marcus Hays. This bike is great for recreational riders or those who commute to work. It ranges in price from $3,000 to $5,000.


Take Your Gym Routine Outside This Summer

Now that the weather is warming up and summer is on the way, you may be itching to ditch the gym for a little time out in the sunshine. Who could blame you? Not I! But instead of foregoing your gym routine all together, why not take your usual strength moves and cardio activities into the great outdoors? Read on for five exercises to do just that!

5 Exercises That Easily Go From the Gym to the Great Outdoors

1. If you normally hit the treadmill…try trail running or hiking! The change of terrain when trail running or hiking will work your legs in new ways and you’ll have much more beautiful scenery than the sweaty guys lifting weights!


Fall Fun Can Burn Major Calories

Fall leafIt’s autumn! Although I deeply love summer and fear what waits for us as autumn wanes, there is much about fall to be excited about.

Some may dread the temptation of unhealthy food that the cold months bring, like pumpkin pie, apple cider, and Halloween candy, but there is also an abundance of fresh apples, squash, and autumn-centric activities that can keep us active.

While exact calories burned during traditional autumn activities is a personal calculation, the internet can provide an estimate (in this case, for an adult between 145 and 160 pounds.) Try entering these activities into a personalized app for a more accurate calorie count. (more…)

Best Mountain Biking Trails in the Nation

Mountain biking has become ever more popular over the years and it is truly a rush and a half, not to mention a fairly decent workout. A hundred and fifty pound person burns, on average, just over five hundred calories per hour on a good bike ride.

Safety is a big issue when it comes to riding, as well. Be sure to check your bike to make sure the tires are up to par, the brakes are properly working, and the handle bars and seat are set correctly. Lastly, make sure to pack plenty of water and a first aid kit, just in case someone flies over the handle bars on the way down (which has happened to a couple friends of mine).

Want to give mountain biking a shot? Or just need some new scenery to take it to the next level? Check below to find the best mountain biking trails around the nation. Good luck and have a blast!

Best mountain biking trails in the U.S.:

  • Trail 401 in Crested Butte, Colorado: This fourteen mile trail is an advanced difficulty level and the average time taken to complete the loop is around two hours and seventeen minutes.
  • Porcupine Rim in Moab, Utah: This fifteen mile trail is an advanced difficulty level and the average time taken to complete the loop is three hours and twenty-one minutes. (more…)