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50 Cent Releases a Fitness Book Without Any Fitness Credentials

‘Tis the season. Not that one, but the season where anyone and everyone stands a chance at making a buck if they’re selling a weight loss or fitness product. Some of the most amusing products surface in these first few weeks of the new year. This year, it’s a surprising new fitness book written by 50 Cent.

Wait? Isn’t he a rapper? What’s he doing selling a fitness book? That’s what we thought, too.

50 Cent, or Curtis Jackson III, just released his new book titled Formula 50: A 6-Week Total Body Transformation Plan. It is targeted to weight training enthusiasts and features the metabolic resistance training method and a nutrition guide. Furthermore, the book is supposed to give readers an “all-access pass to [50’s] premium plan for lifelong fitness.” If you’re picking up on a tone of skepticism, you’re reading this right.

There’s no denying that 50 Cent is in incredible shape. Clearly he follows a plan that puts him in better shape than most athletes, let alone rappers. However, the book (and common knowledge) indicate that he has no formal training or credentials to back his fitness advice. Is being fit and a celebrity enough to safely offer fitness, weight training and nutrition plans?

“I highly doubt that 50 Cent has any fitness training credentials or a degree in exercise science,” John Spencer Ellis, the founder of the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA), told us. “However, he has probably consulted several trainers along the way with his own fitness program.” (more…)

Dr. John Spencer Ellis’ Advice for Resolutions, Personal Trainers, and Eating Right

Few people know more about the fitness industry than Dr. John Spencer Ellis. Active in the fitness and health community for more than 20 years, and a renowned member, Ellis is known for a variety of things, including his stint on the Real Housewives of Orange County, the creation of NESTA, and most recently the launch of DietGuru.com.

We had a chance to speak with John and catch up on a few goings-on in the fitness world right now. We talk about making the resolutions last (yes, there’s still time!), identifying the best personal trainer for your needs, and how Diet Guru can help you become an A+ eater.


NESTA Personal Training Certification Profile

You’ve deiced to get your personal training certification- congratulations. But with hundreds of certification programs out there, how do you know which one is right for you? Today we take a look at one of the most respected programs, the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association (NESTA), and what you can expect from their NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer certification.

The NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer certification is NCCA Accredited, a requirement amongst most places of employment. While the NESTA PFT is the most widely known of their programs, they also offer many coaching and specialization programs that are very unique to NESTA including the Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach and the Triathlon Coach programs. They also have several programs specifically designed for the in-depth sciences, such as the Biomechanics Specialist program or the Heart Rate Performance Specialist program which was co-developed with Polar Heart Rate Monitors.

NESTA believes that in order for their graduates to be successful in the fitness field, they need a strong grasp of foundational exercise science and, more importantly, the application of that science.

“In my experience, many programs stress the science and are weak on application (or vice versa). Furthermore, the science is typically taught in a dry, boring manner. We strive to create the most engaging educational experience out there,” says Scott Gaines, NESTA’s Senior Vice President. While to program is completely online, they prefer to teach interactively, as opposed to learning material from a “boring textbook,” and use teaching methods that enhance experience, like proprietary 3D animations and visuals within the coursework.

“Most people enter this field because they have a passion for health and fitness and they want to share that passion for others. We want our education to fuel the flame of their passion for health and fitness, not snuff it out like many educators do.”