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The Raw Food Diet: Healthy, or Are Benefits Cooked-Up?

Raw Food Since when was getting a raw deal a good thing? When you decide to try the Raw Food Diet, apparently. Proponents of this natural food diet stick to unprocessed uncooked plant foods, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts, grains, beans, dried fruit, and seaweed.

Most adherents are vegetarian, while some eat raw fish and even fewer eat (gulp!) raw meat. Either way, you may as well say bye-bye to that new stainless steel stove of yours. That’s because raw food proponents believe that heating any food above 116 degrees Fahrenheit destroys important enzymes that help in digestion and absorption of the essential nourishment you get from your meals.

Critics claim that even if enzymes are inactivated when food is heated, the body uses its own enzymes for digestion. They also point out that cooking makes some phytochemicals easier to absorb into your system.

Regardless of which side you stand on, the emphasis on natural, non-processed food sources, is undeniably a good place to start.

So, are you still interested in trying the raw eating lifestyle? Since this is a pretty drastic change in your eating habits, you may experience some withdrawal symptoms such as headaches and nausea when you first give up sugar and caffeine. But don’t fret; it should only last a couple days. You may also risk some nutritional deficiencies such as protein, calcium and iron, so consider consulting your doctor first.

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