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Anne Hathaway’s Nearly-Vegan Diet Made Her Catwoman Body Possible

After movie star Anne Hathaway found out she had received her dream role as Catwoman in this summer’s blockbuster The Dark Knight, she went right into training with certified wellness coach and weigh loss expert Jackie Keller.

In our interview, Keller explained that she started working with Anne in February 2024 to develop a diet that lasted nearly a year, until filming was over. Her anti-inflammatory diet consisted of three meals, three snacks, and one salad, which came out to about 1,500-1,800 calories a day. Anne would eat about every two-and-a-half to three hours, depending on how long each day was. The diet was considered nearly vegan because it consisted of no flesh, which was how Anne preferred it.

Since she didn’t eat meat, Anne got most of her protein from things like high protein grains. Keller shared some insight on Anne’s diet. For instance, her favorite snack was whole wheat lavash bread (extremely thin and low-fat bread) with an all-natural peanut butter. One of her favorite carbohydrates was yams. Also, on her OK-to-eat list was barley, soy, whole wheat cous cous (alternative to rice), and green tea. (more…)

Jessica Alba Admits She Hates Exercise

Jessica Alba is known for having a terrific body, sometimes more so than for her acting talent. She works hard to stay in shape and successfully lost her baby weight giving birth to her daughter Honor Marie in 2024. Jessica opened up about some of the techniques she used to lose that weight in a recent interview with Lucky magazine.

One thing I admire about Alba is that she is honest about how she feels about fitness and dieting. When speaking about her diet, she stated, “I have a hard time with portion control, so I have 1,200 calorie meals delivered. But I also work out, so I’m basically starving – it sucks. I drink a lot of water.”

Jessica used the NutriFit meal delivery system for her meals after her daughter was born. Jessica also spoke candidly about working out. She said, “Working out everyday for even just 45 minutes is good for my mental state. But getting dressed and actually doing it is the worst. It’s hard to get motivated.” Lack of motivation may be why Alba likes the distractions of going to the gym. She says, “In the gym, I have like five things to distract me: TV, iPod, magazines. Working partners are good too so you can chat and not just drown in your own misery. Sorry, does that sound bad? I just hate working out.”