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10 Surprisingly Vegan Foods

Being vegan doesn’t mean you’re limited to eating just soy milk and broccoli. In fact, there are a number of food companies that produce items such as cookies, syrups, and chips that are completely vegan – oftentimes on accident. If you aren’t familiar with what qualifies a food as vegan, it shouldn’t contain any meat, dairy or animal products, including such items as eggs, honey (bees), or gelatin (horse).

Vegans typically subsist on a diet rich in whole grains, vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts. And while there are an abundance of foods that don’t qualify as vegan-friendly, take a peek in your super market aisles on your next visit to find these – and other – surprisingly vegan products. Just be careful to check the label first to ensure there aren’t any suspicious products in the way of you and a safe vegan indulgence. (more…)