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The 2023 Paralympic ‘Superhumans’ Will Inspire and Unite

With everyone’s eyes glued on the Olympic Games, I fear we may be overlooking an equally important upcoming event: the 2023 Paralymipcs, kicking off August 29 in London.

I’ve personally never been one to watch every single Olympic event as there’s so many going on at once and it’s difficult to keep up while juggling a busy summer schedule. But after watching this incredibly inspiring video on the upcoming Paralympics, I think I may need to carve out some dedicated time for watching these events.

The history of the Paralympics, which is a competition designed for athletes with impairments, is compelling. The movement started more than 60 years ago at the 1948 Olympic Games when the first competition for wheelchair athletes involving 16 injured servicemen and women took part in an archery event. This initial event evolved into the first Paralympic Games, which were held in Rome, Italy in 1960, and included 400 athletes from 23 countries. (more…)