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How to Cook with Parsnips and 5 Deliciously Simple Parsnip Recipes

Root vegetables aren’t the most exciting food in the bunch, but despite their funny name and appearance they can be surprisingly delicious and high in vitamins and key nutrients. Such is the case with parsnips, a lesser-known root vegetable that’s been inching its way into the hands and hearts of foodies and getting more notoriety for its versatility, pleasant taste, and abundant health benefits.

What are parsnips? Parsnips are typically grown in colder weather, allowing their starches to convert into sugar and develop their sweet flavor. They harvest in late fall and like potatoes and carrots, are available throughout winter and spring. Their appearance is similar to an off-white or pale-yellow carrot. And they have a bulbous top that tapers down to a skinny root.

When looking for a quality parsnip, choose one that is small and firm and not limp or shriveled. Once you get it home, store in the produce drawer of your fridge and they should keep for about two to three weeks. (more…)

Fall Veggies for Your Healthy Thanksgiving Table

We all know of Thanksgiving as a day of gluttony. I mean, a day of giving thanks for the people we love. Yes, that’s it. But in between bouts of gratitude, there is usually a large, figure-unfriendly meal involved with the national holiday.

Thanksgiving also kicks off the winter holiday season, which can be a season of sweets, treats and indulgences. To keep yourself from ditching your diet plan on Day 1 of the holiday season, make sure there are plenty of vegetables to go around on your Thanksgiving table.

Brussels Sprouts: The tiny green orbs might have a reputation for being less than favorable, but they also deliver a sweet, nutty flavor that is hard not to like. Shred the fiber-rich veggies into a salad with apples and raisins – the sweet fruit elicits the natural flavor of the sprouts. Toss them in your favorite vinaigrette and you have one side dish ready to go without even using the oven. (more…)