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Crustless Pumpkin Pie Mini Muffins: Clean Eating Dessert That’s Entirely Decadent


The holidays are here and that means we get to feast! Whether you do so mindfully or mindlessly, the point is to enjoy the time, the family, and definitely the food.

I LOVE sweets, however I don’t love how I feel afterwards. This means that some of my greatest ingenuity in the kitchen happens while trying to create desserts that still taste sinful without punishing my tummy later on. And this becomes especially necessary during Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season.

Enter: the Crustless Pumpkin Pie Mini Muffins. This quintessential holiday dessert does not need to be on your “No-no” list this year. I have adapted this recipe from 58 Day Dreams into a cleaner more health-friendly version. Why wait until New Year’s to start eating right again?


My favorite way to watch portions with most delectable treats is to make mini versions, and in this case that’s mini muffin pies. I often find that those few bites are enough to satisfy me for the rest of the night. (more…)

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5 Ways Pecans Keep You Healthy

The October Featured Guest Blogger of the Month, are two talented ladies from ChewOnThat Blog. They’re two foodies who can’t help but share their knowledge of and love for the edible everyday on their blog. They’ve always got an engaging anecdote as to why this or that recipe warms their heart, and the recipes are always a hit! Tune in every Tuesday in October to hear what Maxine and Hillary are chewing talking about!

When it comes to my food, I’m typically a purist. No soy sauce on my sushi, no ketchup on my hot dog and definitely no nuts in my brownies. Why would you want to ruin a perfectly good brownie with chunks of crunchy nuts? Call me crazy, but I like to taste my food just the way it is.

I will admit, however, that nuts can add a certain depth to many dishes and this time of year, nuts can be hard to avoid, especially pecans. Yes, ‘tis almost the season for pecan pie and yet another temptation to woo you away from your diligent diet. But nuts aren’t actually all bad. In fact, pecans have a lot going for them when they’re not mixed with large servings of sugar and butter. Here are five ways that pecans help keep you healthy and lots of pecan recipes to make it easy!

1. High in Antioxidants
Pecans are high in vitamin E, which is a great cancer-fighting ingredient. Vitamin E protects lipids in the blood from oxidizing. When LDL “bad” cholesterol oxidizes, it is more likely to clog arteries and vitamin E helps prevent this. Pecans are ranked among the highest cancer-fighting nuts and have been shown to decrease the risk of heart disease, cancer and some neurological diseases.

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