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2020 Ragnar Relay Series is Like No Race You’ve Ever Seen

What in the world are Ragnar Relays? Ragnar Relays are a series of 200 (ish) mile relays that a team of twelve, like you and eleven of your closest friends or family, have to conquer. The 200 mile race is known as a “slumber party without sleep.” One member of the team has to always be running while the other eleven are piled into two vans, each containing six members of the team. Each runner is expected to run anywhere from three to eight mile bouts at least two or three times per day. Each Ragnar Relay race typically lasts a day, a night, and the following day. After the first six members of the team run their leg of the race, the second van takes charge and each of those six run their portion of the race, switching back and forth until the entire team conquers the 200 (ish) miles.  Combine this crazy amount of running with no sleep, and you’ll get an insane amount of slap happy laughter, which is the Ragnar Relay Series. The races take place all over the nation, so check out the list of Ragnar Relay races near you.