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Why is Everyone So Terrified to Eat Bananas? A Dietitian Peels Back the Truth

by Amy Margulies, lead registered dietitian for Retrofit

You’ve probably heard people talking, or read articles online, about why eating bananas is bad for you nutritionally and can impede weight loss. While some people insist that bananas are just fine, others are convinced this is a fruit you should stay away from if you’re trying to lose weight – and many do, just in case the rumors are true. But what’s the real deal with bananas? It’s time to peel open this myth.

What the critics are saying

The controversy started with Dr. Susanna Holt, an Australian researcher who developed the Satiety Index, a way to evaluate how full different foods make you feel. “We found that bananas are much less satisfying than oranges or apples,” Holt stated at the conclusion of the satiety study.

Bananas are generally higher in calories from carbs than most fruits. So for those who are counting calories, this may seem like a poor choice for a snack. People have also observed that bananas cause a “binding” effect, or put more simply, they cause constipation. That’s something you don’t want when you look to the scale for signs of progress. (more…)

Is Resistant Starch Nature’s Weight Loss Cure?

Legumes and lentils are good sources of resistant starch.

Legumes and lentils are good sources of resistant starch.

You’ve heard it before: Not all carbs are created equal. And never has this been more true than in the new findings surrounding resistant starch, a type of carbohydrate that has produced promising results in helping to promote weight loss, improve digestion and keep insulin levels balanced.

We predict that headlines will soon be abuzz with the benefits of resistant starch, so to keep you a few bites ahead of the weight loss game, here is the skinny on this healthy nutrient. (more…)