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Montel Williams Uses SafSlim Supplement to Manage His Weight and MS Symptoms

Montel Williams is championing a new product that targets fat about your midsection. With swimsuit season right around the corner, could this product help you have the confidence to go from a one-piece to a bikini?

First I had to ask myself why Montel Williams, a known TV-talk show host with no background in nutrition, is promoting a weight loss product. This is what Ryan Bilvas, a representative from SafSlim told me.

“Montel has personally struggled with body and emotional eating issues and for years has been searching for a natural way to help with his weight and snacking problems. He asked his assistant to find a natural product to help him manage his weight and hunger issues and she ordered him SafSlim after hearing about it from friends. He used it for three months and after seeing his weight go down and his urge to eat all the time decrease, he contacted the company to see how he could help other people experience these results. Montel is known for his passion, he gains happiness and personal achievement by helping others and seeing them live well.”

MS is Multiple Sclerosis, a neurological disorder that can affect so many different parts of the body including vision, muscles, control of bowels and urination, and the list goes on and on. I commend Montel for wanting to take control of his health and pay it forward to others.