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7 Ways to Make You Want to Drink More Water

Sahar Aker is a veteran TV news health reporter now running FatFighterTV.com – a fun and informative website featuring the latest news and videos on diet, fitness, and the obesity epidemic. FatFighterTV will keep you eating right with healthy recipes, having fun with weekly giveaways, and entertained with our new Petsercise video series.

You’ve heard how water is good for your body, maybe even seen the latest research on how it can help you lose weight. But drinking enough H2O isn’t always easy, especially because plain ol’ water can get a little boring sometimes. So, how can you spice it up? Besides the go-to squeeze of lemon or lime, here are 7 ways to help you gulp water down.

  • Fill a pitcher with water, ice, and chopped fruit, like strawberries, cantaloupe, or kiwi. Bonus – when you finish the water, you can eat the fruit.
  • Add chopped cucumbers and lime to your H2O.
  • Pour limeade into ice cube trays and freeze them. Plop one into a glass of sparkling mineral water. (more…)