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Perfectly Seasoned Suppers on The Today Show

The Today Show Sunrise LogoTune in to the Today Show on Thursday, September 8th for great tips on how to make flavorful dinners without adding unnecessary sodium. Chef Ariane Duarte will show viewers the secrets to making delicious meals that are low in sodium. Duarte is one of Prevention magazine’s contributing chefs, but you may know her better as a Top Chef contestant. She is also the owner of CulinAriane, a four-star restaurant in Montclair, New Jersey.

Duarte will also be discussing The Salt Solution, a book that makes eating a low-sodium diet flavorful and easy. Consuming too much salt is associated with a number of health risks, such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Cutting down on sodium may even help you lose weight. The book lays out a six-week program that’s designed to help you turn your eating habits around, starting with a two-week cleanse and followed with a four week meal plan.


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The Salt Solution Helps You Lose Weight By Reducing Sodium

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The Salt Solution Book CoverSodium is necessary to many bodily functions, but most Americans eat two to three times more than the recommended daily allowance. Unless you suffer from low blood pressure, your weight loss plan would probably benefit from a reduction in salt. The Salt Solution by Heather K. Jones is a six week plan that will help you reset your taste buds. By lowering your sodium, you can also lose weight and boost your metabolism.

The program begins with a two week cleanse, which removes all artificial ingredients from your diet. The next four weeks increases your caloric intake somewhat, and you will eat four 300 calorie meals each day. The book will also help you understand how sodium affects the body, so that you can continue to eat a low sodium diet after the six week program is over.